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Me: How was your year? Are your 2016 resolutions coming to life?
Client: Ohhh, yeah, well … I did not make any resolutions this year. I wanted to, but…
Me: Can you tell me more about it? Was it too hard? You did not have time?
Client: I use this as an excuse, the time thing, but the truth is that I did not want to do it. I did it so many times before that and it never fully worked and I was tired of being disappointed in myself. This way, fate can take charge and I don’t need to worry about it.
Me: Do you believe you have the power to change your reality? Or are we all a product of what fate has in store for us?
Client: I know I could change it if I wanted it, but I find it so hard…blame it on fate is so much easier – haha.


This is just one of the many conversations I had with people over the years regarding New Year’s Eve Resolutions. I noticed that less and less people see it as a powerful tool, because of the past experiences and how many times it failed.

No one wants to fail. And telling the world that you will finally go to the gym starting next year might get too old. So, what do we do? Do we just give up and let fate take our place? Or do we find better ways to do it?

Since December is knocking on our doors, I decided to create this video and talk about the main reasons why new year’s eve resolutions don’t work and what can you do about it!

Do You Know Why New Year’s Eve Resolutions Don’t Work?

Here are the 3 main reasons why setting new year’s eve resolutions does not work:

  • You don’t do them in the first place
  • You have too big expectations, which ultimately leads to failure, overwhelm and shame
  • You do not have the patience and layout for how to make the goals apart of your daily schedule – most of you just want to change it all NOW

For a more comprehensive description to all of them, please watch the #AskYourCoach video. At the end of the video I am also sharing the SOLUTION and how I managed to find a great way to set new resolutions and make them happen!

It all started last year, when finally, after years of failing at setting the right goals for me, I decided to do it different. I decided to allow myself time for BRAINSTORMING, setting some MAIN THEMES for the year (as you probably know, the wedding and my book were the themes for me) and 9 major resolutions. The secret was in phrasing them and dividing them in small chucks of tasks that made it all possible.

But even better – I attribute my success to letting go of the how and holding the vision based on HOW I WANTED TO FEEL.

All this and more I will be teaching in a 2h workshop in December, for only 8 people. It will be a mastermind – group coaching kind of event, where we have lots of fun, listen to good music, drink something hot and decide what we want to BE, DO and HAVE in 2017!

Are you READY for it?

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You still cannot feel better? Or you still cannot see a way out?

This is WHY I AM HERE. I can help you find whatever keeps you stuck and tap with you or teach you how to meditate and lots of other exercises that can bring peace to your life. Contact me via email, comment below or schedule a session RIGHT NOW.

Stand Tall and Be Love – you can totally do this!!!

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