Some of you may get triggered especially if marketing is what you do for a living, but please bear with me. It’s going to be worth it and will improve YOUR business big time.

I am NOT saying that marketing is irrelevant (heck, I ❤️ marketing).

I am simply saying that the principle found in this post will make your marketing efforts deliver even better results.

Now that we got that out of the way…

Let me ask you this:

How many times have you tried the latest marketing strategy, only to get disappointed because for you it didn’t deliver the same results. How frustrating, right?!?

It’s not fair because you’re putting the same amount of hours and sweat like everybody else…

What if it has nothing to do with marketing?

To deliver my point, we first need to learn (or remember) about the scale of human emotions.

The Scale of Human Emotions by Roswitha Herman

The higher you are up the scale, the better you are feeling. The better you are feeling, the more things you allow into your life. It’s that simple.

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Hence why someone at a higher vibration can have better results with the exact same strategy. That being said, you cannot have a GUILT vibration and expect LOVE results. It’s just not possible.

marketing vs vibrational alignment

It’s not how the laws of the Universe work, no matter how much you wish it to be different.

Marketing cannot override your vibrational alignment.

Marketing produces results based on your VIBRATION. Marketing is simply a tool that, like everything else in the Universe, responds to your vibrational alignment. Marketing can NOT move you up the scale of human emotions, only vibrational work can do that.

“Okay, got it. But how do I raise my vibration?” 

Unlike popular belief, you don’t have to work to raise your vibration. Your vibration raises by default once you distract yourself from the things that stress you out.

YES, it’s much easier than you were taught. 

Raising your vibration can be easy. Easy is GOOD. You don’t need complicated tools and habits in order to feel good. Most of us need complicated strategies simply to please our egos.

Raising your vibration should NOT feel like work.

Most of us believe that in order for us to receive more money, we need to put in some work.

Then you learn about mindset work and manifesting which makes you realize that it’s more important to work on your mindset, trauma, fears, etc. While this is a step forward, the underlying pattern didn’t change.

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You still believe that in order to receive what you want, you have to work for it. It’s just that now it’s more mindset work than actually sending DMs and posting on social media.

The previous work (“social media marketing, funnel building, outreach, podcasting, content creation etc.”) becomes mindset work (“affirmations, journaling, yoga, money fears, meditation, working with crystals, tapping etc.”)


It’s still based on a rewarding/deserving pattern of “if I don’t put in the work, I won’t get what I want”.

“I don’t deserve to have what I want simply for being who I am”

You’re approaching this from the premise that you need improvement, which means/says “I am not good enough”. You are approaching manifesting based on “a set of rules” instead of inspired action.

Now, hear me out: improvements are needed all the time because it’s part of our human experience, BUT…

❌…it’s totally different to set a money intention and feel that immediate urge (read FOMO) to do something otherwise it won’t happen.


✅…to approach it from a “hmmm I wonder what would help me raise my vibration to the level of $10k months”.

And that “something” does not have to FEEL like work.

In fact, if you’re doing stuff to raise your vibration and it feels like work you are actually lowering your vibration!

Raising your vibration = feeling better and better and better. Raising your vibration IS NOT JUST meditation, journaling on your fears, crystals, forgiveness etc.

Unless you genuinely feel inspired to journal on your fears. NOT based on rules like “every time I set a new intention I have to do forgiveness exercises otherwise my desires will not come true”.

Raising your vibration can simply be things like:

  • dancing
  • cooking
  • listening to music
  • crying
  • going for a walk
  • playing with your pet
  • looking at the stars
  • watching Netflix
  • etc.

There are no “wrongs” when it comes to raising your vibration, as long as you look deep inside and make decisions based on what would make you feel BETTER.

NOT perfect. Just better.

From there you’ll see further.


The inability to relax upon setting up an intention may be a trauma response. It’s a survival response of always needing to be busy. Relax into it and remind yourself that it’s safe to do ONLY what feels good.

This is a much much bigger conversation but for now I want you to understand this: I’ve been there and it can be cured. So far, you’ve been mostly managing symptoms through the mindset work that you’ve done and never really got to the bottom of your issues which is a TRAUMA from when you were a child.

Please stop shaming yourself for not being able to relax because there are parts of you who just want to keep you safe based on a traumatic experience from the past (this doesn’t have to be war, accidents or losing someone dear – it can be simply living with narcissistic parents who were unavailable to care for your needs).

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