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How To Manifest Anything Using Science & Emotions

“How to manifest anything you want” is something you have probably heard before, either by watching the movie “The Secret” or simply reading about “the law of attraction”. But how does it really work? And does it really work? Or is it a placebo effect? Today, I want to go behind all the myths and misconceptions and explain in detail how you can manifest anything you want, based on science and emotions. Because, even if you believe it or not, even if you use it consciously or not, the principle of manifesting works and I will prove it to you. I’ll even dare you to try it out.

How do I know all this?

I first started to consciously manifest what I wanted in 2012. I remember that first moment, extremely vividly. My boyfriend (husband now) and I, were on a plane to NYC, excited for a new summer job and thinking of all the money we will make and what we will buy. I told him point-blank “I am going to make $13,000 this summer”.

He looked at me all puzzled, asking “How? Your contract is for $11,75/h and you only get 40 hours per week. Even with another job, like you had last year, I don’t see it happening”. (keep in mind, the previous summer I only made $6,000)

I completely understood his reasons and I knew he was right. But something in me kept on saying “You can manifest this!” By that time, I had been reading and listening to countless audiobooks that talked about how to manifest your desires, so I knew it could be possible, given I do the work.

Three months later, summer was over and curiosity hit. Did I make $13,000? To my husband’s utter surprise, the answer was YES. The most amazing thing was that I only had ONE JOB, the same job I had when we were on that plane. The difference? I worked 80h-weeks. Two weeks after I started the job, one coworker quit and being so late into the season, they didn’t have time to hire and train someone else, so they asked me to do the work of 2 people. I got paid $11,75/h for the first 40h in the week, and $17,6/h for the last 40h.

Who Am I To Teach You How To Manifest?

The frustration came when I couldn’t always manifest my desires. In my mind, I was doing all the right things, but it was not working. I didn’t understand why. My quest for finding out why I couldn’t manifest everything all the time brought me to today. I continued to read and find the right mentors in order to better understand how manifesting works. After I integrated everything and got results consistently, I started teaching it. It’s been now four years and I helped hundreds of people to understand the process of manifesting and use it consciously.

It’s not that easy and you will understand why below, but it is possible. I too, sabotage myself, even if I am painfully aware of it. We all have years of energetic material to sift through in order to manifest easier and faster. It matters a lot where you grew up, what kind of education you received and what environment you were exposed to.

I even created a course to help myself that, later on, I gave to my clients to use. I saw it worked with everyone and then I made it public. It’s called “From POWERless to PowerFULL”. But more on this at the end of this article, when you will truly understand its importance. Now, let’s get into how to manifest anything you want based on science and emotions.

How To Manifest Anything You Want

In order to explain manifesting, we need to go back to the beginning, and that is the Law of Attraction. A lot of famous people attribute their success to using the Law of Attraction. Oprah, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, and Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about their results with using this law to manifest anything they desired.

What is the definition of the Law Of Attraction?

LAW OF ATTRACTION stipulates that “like attracts like”. What on earth does that mean?

There are a lot of articles online trying to clarify this concept, but it’s all regurgitated information based on nothing “real”. I graduated first in my class as an engineer, so I need facts, I need proof and I need science.

Here is how, after reading a few dozen papers, I was able to “translate” the thick science language and prove this concept, in general terms, so everyone can understand it.


1. An Intro Into Quantum Physics
2. How The Mind Works
3. Does The Mind Ever “Sleep”?
4. The Power Of A Thought
5. Can You Change The Matter By Observing It?
6. How Do Thoughts Influence Our Future
7. Emotions vs Feelings
8. What Are Emotions?
9. How Many Types Of Emotions Exist
10. How To Manifest What You Want By Using Your Emotions
11. Can You Heal Diseases With The Power Of Thought & Emotions?!
12. What Are The Feelings?
13. The Consciousness Hierarchy And How We Actually Manifest Anything
14. The Consciousness Hierarchy Of Emotions
15. How To Figure Out Your Baseline State of Consciousness (What You Manifest)
16. How To Identify The Consciousness State Level Of The People Around You
17. Moving Up On The Emotional Scale (Taking Control Of Your Life)
18. How Fast Can You Move Up On The Emotional Scale?
19. What Happens When Your Baseline Is Below Courage?
20. Why My Clients Manifest Anything They Want Fast
21. My Coaching Process Of Manifesting Anything You Desire
22. Why My Coaching Method Works All The Time
23. Results My Clients Get After Working With Me
24. How Can You Start Today And Manifest What You Want Instantly
25. How Does “From POWERless to PowerFULL” Work?
26. Why Do You Need “From POWERless to PowerFULL”?

An Intro Into Quantum Physics

“Our bodies are essentially made up of matter. This matter is made up of atoms. Atoms, in turn, are made up of electrons orbiting a nucleus of protons and neutrons, which themselves are made up of quarksString theory suggests that electrons and quarks are actually minuscule vibrating loops of energy called strings.” (1)

The fascinating part is that every single string is identical. The only difference between strings is how they vibrate, or their resonant pattern. This resonant pattern is also called frequency.

Your desk or the ray of sun that comes through your window, are made up of the same subatomic particle – a string – the only difference is that they vibrate differently, making it possible to create different entities or masses.

This string theory proves something extraordinary, it proves that everything in this world is made up of tiny particles of energy. And energy itself will never disappear, it will only change or shift form. Even the term “death” does not mean an ending, but rather a “transformation”.

The most amazing thing is that not just physical things are made up of tiny energy particles, or have an energy signature, our thoughts, and our emotions have it too.

How The Mind Works

If we look at the mind, on a molecular level, we will see a wave fluctuation machine. Every thought is nothing more than an impulse of energy that has a distinctive frequency. This frequency is known as a wave of energy.

Every single thought is a unique interpretation dictated by your five senses that make up your reality. These thoughts, coupled with your emotions and your feelings, create your memories. These memories are being divided into two categories, at all times. You have painful memories and pleasurable memories.

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As Tony Robbins says, every choice you’ve made – and will make – is based on avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

And, as I wrote about in my own best-selling book “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed” – your whole universal manual on how you should live your life is created when you are a child, until the age of six. All the thoughts, feelings and emotions you experience until you are six years old, will dictate your future beliefs and values in life. These are all based on how you have interpreted pain and pleasure.

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Of course, don’t worry, you are not doomed. Yes, you can change the meaning of those memories and erase limiting beliefs while creating new empowering ones. I will talk about HOW we do that later in the article.

Does The Mind Ever “Sleep”?

The most amazing thing about the mind is its state of constant “thinking”. It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping, exercising, eating, relaxing, working, reading or watching Netflix, your mind is constantly processing the impulses of data that come through the five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing. Now, the RAS – reticular activating system, that I talk about in my book, comes into play and it sorts out this data, bringing into your consciousness only the information you signaled of being of high importance to you.

Conflicts arise when the important information signaled by your RAS is not what you desire or want, but rather your fears. Read more to understand how this happens.

The Power Of A Thought

Since our thoughts are impulses of energy and information, they provide instructions to the cells of our bodies through the molecules that make our cells. In return, this changes the cell structure.

The most well-known experiment, by FR. Masaru Emoto proves how the power of thought is directly influencing the sub-atomic world, by manipulating the matter.

In this experiment, water that has been exposed to positive thoughts formed beautiful crystals, while water that has been exposed to negative thoughts formed deformed chrystals or no crystals at all.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, that’s why your thoughts have a huge impact on your body cells. Your whole body structure and chemistry that you have today has been transformed by all the thoughts you had throughout your life so far.

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

In a nutshell, your physical body is merely an expression of ideas, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It’s a physical representation of your “stored” memories that you gathered about yourself and the world around you.

Yes, your environment shapes who you are, literally.

Can you change the matter by observing it?

In quantum theory, some studies show that even the simple act of observing matter can directly affect and change it (2)the observer affects the observed reality.”

We all have experienced it, that weird feeling you get when someone is watching you. You don’t see them, but you kind of feel them. And then you turn around and indeed, someone was observing you from a distance. How can you explain this?

Pretty easy, since we are all connected at a molecular level, the energy of the person observing you is carried forward in your direction and as a result, you experience that energy, you feel it in a subtle way. If you are not in touch with your body and your intuition, you might not sense this slight change in your energy and not feel someone is observing you. It’s still happening, but you are not consciously aware of it. (think about all those moments when you were stressed out and your mind was going 100 miles per hour, thinking and worrying…in those moments you are not in touch with your body and you might not even hear someone saying “Hi”. Your body does intercept the signal of sound, but you consciously don’t because you are so focused on what is going on in your mind)

How Do Thoughts I