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Roswitha Herman is a success coach that guides ambitious women in their search have it all, feel successful and live their purpose. She is also a Best Selling Author, with her book “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed".

How To Manifest Anything Using Science & Emotions


There is a scientific explanation behind the law of attraction which can help all of us better understand how to manifest anything we want in our lives. This is a complete guide that brings quantum physics and emotional phycology into the mix in order to prove that manifesting works. In the end you also have the step by step process of how you can manifest anything you want in your life.

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How To Achieve Success In Life – Ask Yourself This


Today I was inspired to write about an important topic of how to achieve success in life. It's been years since I wrote an article. And this is very weird, coming from a person that ran a successful blog for 8 years and taught lots of people how to write. Not to mention, writing a whole book and have it become an international best-seller.

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