To answer this question, I will have, to be honest, and say NO. Everything comes from doing something. You cannot manifest success out of thin air. The confusion lies between:

“I need to work hard to be successful” and “I can do nothing and trust in the law of attraction and I will be successful

Both statements are partially true, and they are connected. It’s like yin and yang. See what I mean in the video below:

How do dreams come true?

  1. First, you think them
  2. Then you start talking about them, researching them, or even take small action steps.

For example, let’s say you want to go to Hawaii this year. You thought about it, it excited you and now you started looking online for pictures, googling resorts and prices and even talked to a few people that have been there.

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After this process there are 2 ways you can make this dream of going to Hawaii happen:

  1. Either work hardstress over it, save money, and resenting your saving process because it does not allow you to enjoy life 

For example: you stop buying your favorite face cream because it’s too expensive and you buy a cheap one which makes you feel poor ….and yes, you gather the money and you go. But this whole accomplishment it has a bitter feeling. The price was rather too big.

  1. Or you trust it will happen, you think about it with excitement and loving thoughts and you ask yourself often “What can I do now to make this a reality?”. The universe gives you bits and bits of action steps.

For example: you might talk to a friend who knows someone there. You then talk to that person and you both hit it off and that person is telling you to come stay at their house. Then you meet with a random person at the grocery store, where you went to buy bananas at 9 pm, although you did not really want to but your intuition was telling you to. This random person is telling you about a special airfare discount and voila, you buy the cheapest ticket to Hawaii.  Without even knowing you manifested this super affordable vacation, without stressing over it or feeling poor. Did you work for it?


But was it considered “work”, meaning “hard work” – NO.

Do you see the difference?

What can you do right now to manifest success?

  • Think of one dream, just one. This dream is important to you and you want to accomplish it this year no matter what.
  • Write it down and commit to putting it somewhere you can see it daily (on the fridge is where I usually put my goals)
  • Every time you look at this dream or think of this dream, ask yourself “What can I do now to get my closer to accomplishing it?” and wait and see what inspired action you will feel like doing.

There is no success without action. But action does not have to be hard. Action can be easy and inspired. That is the difference.

manifest success quote roswitha herman

Now, I’d love to know.

What dream do you want to accomplish? Do you believe in manifesting? Is there a special trick that you use and you would like to share it with me and my community? How do you manifest success?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much as you can in your reply. We are all here to learn, get inspired from one another, and you may never know who you are going to influence today. Be the sparkle you want to see in others.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your voice. You are awesome and I am honored to have you here.

With love,


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