5 Success Habits To Do While Drinking Coffee

If I were to ask you: “What is the no 1 reason why you think you are not becoming more successful day after day?” I am completely sure that most of you will respond “TIME. I do not the have time to do what I think will help me be more successful.”

Of course, we both know that this excuse is BS (bullsh$t) because “If there is a will, there is a way.”. However, it’s pretty darn painful to wake up an hour earlier to work on your goals or to skip going out with friends after 10 working hours, to stay at home and read.

I totally get it and I know it’s hard and I know it’s painful, and I also know that you are doing your best and for now you just did not seem to find the best solution that works for your busy schedule.

Here is where this article comes into play. I’ve helped a dozen of clients, worldwide, with completely different careers and schedules to introduce success habits in their daily routine and I want to help you too.

When to add your success habits

We all like to enjoy a cup of something delish in the morning. It’s either coffee, tea, protein shake etc. I love all of them and I do all of them in the morning, but I am sure you enjoy at least one of them on a daily basis without thinking twice about it.

Now, WHEN do you drink your coffee (or any magic juice)?

  1. If it’s at home and you savor it for a couple of minutes in your kitchen or on your balcony – BAM – here is your window for doing your success habits.
  2. If it’s during your commute and you are using public transportation or you have an assigned driver – BAM – here is your window for doing your success habits. Some success habits can also be done while driving. In case you drive during your commute, you can still be successful!
  3. If you drink it at work, usually with coworkers or as you check emails – BAM – here is your not-so-legit* window for doing your success habits.
*Everyone procrastinates at work every single day, instead of checking your Facebook or Instagram profile, or chit-chatting on your company’s dime, at least do something productive that would lift your energy and actually TURN you into a more productive employee. (so it’s a win-win, but make sure your boss allows you to do these habits on company’s time or take a 10 min break to do them in. I want you to be as honest and respectful as you can be.)

5 Success Habits That You Can Do While Drinking Coffee

Now that we established the WHEN to do the success habits, let’s see what success habits you can do in such short time.

  • JOURNALING (TIME: 5 minutes)

This is my favorite success habit and it works like magic, plus you do not have to be a writer or have any writing experience – because no one is going to read it! All you need to do is get an inspiring notebook and write in it everything that goes through your head. You can write 1 page and it’s more than enough.


– dreams you dreamt the night before

– fears

– goals and tasks you have that day/montH

– words of encouragement or positive affirmations

– non-sense thoughts

  • GRATEFULNESS* (TIME: 1 minute)

This is a must success habit as it forms you into becoming a new person, with a new vision and a new perspective. Grateful people are always happier and they also attract what they want in life easier. All you need to do is write 3 things you are grateful for.

These things can be general, like the weather or specific, like a certain thing that happened to you that day.

  •  READ (TIME: 1 minute)

How many books have you bought that you have not read yet? Be honest here…

Now, is the moment to do something you won’t like since it’s “not perfect”. I am going to ask you to read ONE PAGE, or one paragraph, or one article each day. Whatever you feel like doing.

Sometimes I read one page, other times I read just one sentence. Depending on my mood, the time I have and what I need. There are many times when one sentence is giving me the answer to what I was looking for.

  •  VISUALISE* (TIME: 2 minutes)

You can either do this by looking at your Dream Board if you have one of those, or you can just think about how you want your day to be like. I love doing a combination of both. As I am drinking my coffee, I imagine how I want to feel all day long, how I want certain things to unfold, how creative and productive I want to be. At the same time, if I have some time left, I like looking at my Dream Board and imagine myself having/being/doing all the things in those pictures.

This habit ALWAYS puts me in the best mood ever.

  •  MEDITATE* (TIME: 1 minute)

I know meditation is hard for many people because they cannot quiet the mind so they don’t like it and don’t do it. In this case, there is a wonderful meditation technique that I use, which is simply breathing. You want to set your timer to 60 seconds and inhale by counting to 4 in your head, hold it for 2 seconds and then release while you count till 6.

Voila, you just meditated!!! Congratulations!

*This you can do while driving too.

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Here you have the best success habits you can do, each day while drinking coffee, that will only take you 10 minutes total. If you don’t take my word for it, please do them for at least 14 days and come back to tell me how you feel and what has changed in your life.

Now, I’d love to know.

Are you already implementing any of these success habits? If yes, which one?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much as you can in your reply. We are all here to learn, get inspired from one another, and you may never know who you are going to influence today. Be the sparkle you want to see in others.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your voice. You are awesome and I am honored to have you here.

With love,

How To Manifest Anything Using Science & Emotions

how to manifest anything you want

“How to manifest anything you want” is something you have probably heard before, either by watching the movie “The Secret” or simply reading about “the law of attraction”. But how does it really work? And does it really work? Or is it a placebo effect? Today, I want to go behind all the myths and misconceptions and explain in detail how you can manifest anything you want, based on science and emotions. Because, even if you believe it or not, even if you use it consciously or not, the principle of manifesting works and I will prove it to you. I’ll even dare you to try it out.

How do I know all this?

I first started to consciously manifest what I wanted in 2012. I remember that first moment, extremely vividly. My boyfriend (husband now) and I, were on a plane to NYC, excited for a new summer job and thinking of all the money we will make and what we will buy. I told him point-blank “I am going to make $13,000 this summer”.

He looked at me all puzzled, asking “How? Your contract is for $11,75/h and you only get 40 hours per week. Even with another job, like you had last year, I don’t see it happening”. (keep in mind, the previous summer I only made $6,000)

I completely understood his reasons and I knew he was right. But something in me kept on saying “You can manifest this!” By that time, I had been reading and listening to countless audiobooks that talked about how to manifest your desires, so I knew it could be possible, given I do the work.

Three months later, summer was over and curiosity hit. Did I make $13,000? To my husband’s utter surprise, the answer was YES. The most amazing thing was that I only had ONE JOB, the same job I had when we were on that plane. The difference? I worked 80h-weeks. Two weeks after I started the job, one coworker quit and being so late into the season, they didn’t have time to hire and train someone else, so they asked me to do the work of 2 people. I got paid $11,75/h for the first 40h in the week, and $17,6/h for the last 40h.

Who Am I To Teach You How To Manifest Anything You Want?

The frustration came when I couldn’t always manifest my desires. In my mind, I was doing all the right things, but it was not working. I didn’t understand why. My quest for finding out why I couldn’t manifest everything all the time brought me to today. I continued to read and find the right mentors in order to better understand how manifesting works. After I integrated everything and got results consistently, I started teaching it. It’s been now four years and I helped hundreds of people to understand the process of manifesting and use it consciously.

It’s not that easy and you will understand why below, but it is possible. I too, sabotage myself, even if I am painfully aware of it. We all have years of energetic material to sift through in order to manifest easier and faster. It matters a lot where you grew up, what kind of education you received and what environment you were exposed to.

I even created a course to help myself that, later on, I gave to my clients to use. I saw it worked with everyone and then I made it public. It’s called “From POWERless to PowerFULL”. But more on this at the end of this article, when you will truly understand its importance. Now, let’s get into how to manifest anything you want based on science and emotions.

How To Manifest Anything You Want

In order to explain manifesting, we need to go back to the beginning, and that is the Law of Attraction. A lot of famous people attribute their success to using the Law of Attraction. Oprah, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, and Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about their results with using this law to manifest anything they desired.

What is the definition of the Law Of Attraction?

LAW OF ATTRACTION stipulates that “like attracts like”. What on earth does that mean?

There are a lot of articles online trying to clarify this concept, but it’s all regurgitated information based on nothing “real”. I graduated first in my class as an engineer, so I need facts, I need proof and I need science.

Here is how, after reading a few dozen papers, I was able to “translate” the thick science language and prove this concept, in general terms, so everyone can understand it.


1. An Intro Into Quantum Physics
2. How The Mind Works
3. Does The Mind Ever “Sleep”?
4. The Power Of A Thought
5. Can You Change The Matter By Observing It?
6. How Do Thoughts Influence Our Future
7. Emotions vs Feelings
8. What Are Emotions?
9. How Many Types Of Emotions Exist
10. How To Manifest What You Want By Using Your Emotions
11. Can You Heal Diseases With The Power Of Thought & Emotions?!
12. What Are The Feelings?
13. The Consciousness Hierarchy And How We Actually Manifest Anything
14. The Consciousness Hierarchy Of Emotions
15. How To Figure Out Your Baseline State of Consciousness (What You Manifest)
16. How To Identify The Consciousness State Level Of The People Around You
17. Moving Up On The Emotional Scale (Taking Control Of Your Life)
18. How Fast Can You Move Up On The Emotional Scale?
19. What Happens When Your Baseline Is Below Courage?
20. Why My Clients Manifest Anything They Want Fast
21. My Coaching Process Of Manifesting Anything You Desire
22. Why My Coaching Method Works All The Time
23. Results My Clients Get After Working With Me
24. How Can You Start Today And Manifest What You Want Instantly
25. How Does “From POWERless to PowerFULL” Work?
26. Why Do You Need “From POWERless to PowerFULL”?

An Intro Into Quantum Physics

“Our bodies are essentially made up of matter. This matter is made up of atoms. Atoms, in turn, are made up of electrons orbiting a nucleus of protons and neutrons, which themselves are made up of quarksString theory suggests that electrons and quarks are actually minuscule vibrating loops of energy called strings.” (1)

The fascinating part is that every single string is identical. The only difference between strings is how they vibrate, or their resonant pattern. This resonant pattern is also called frequency.

Your desk or the ray of sun that comes through your window, are made up of the same subatomic particle – a string – the only difference is that they vibrate differently, making it possible to create different entities or masses.

This string theory proves something extraordinary, it proves that everything in this world is made up of tiny particles of energy. And energy itself will never disappear, it will only change or shift form. Even the term “death” does not mean an ending, but rather a “transformation”.

The most amazing thing is that not just physical things are made up of tiny energy particles, or have an energy signature, our thoughts, and our emotions have it too.

How The Mind Works

If we look at the mind, on a molecular level, we will see a wave fluctuation machine. Every thought is nothing more than an impulse of energy that has a distinctive frequency. This frequency is known as a wave of energy.

Every single thought is a unique interpretation dictated by your five senses that make up your reality. These thoughts, coupled with your emotions and your feelings, create your memories. These memories are being divided into two categories, at all times. You have painful memories and pleasurable memories.

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

As Tony Robbins says, every choice you’ve made – and will make – is based on avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

And, as I wrote about in my own best-selling book “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed” – your whole universal manual on how you should live your life is created when you are a child, until the age of six. All the thoughts, feelings and emotions you experience until you are six years old, will dictate your future beliefs and values in life. These are all based on how you have interpreted pain and pleasure.

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

Of course, don’t worry, you are not doomed. Yes, you can change the meaning of those memories and erase limiting beliefs while creating new empowering ones. I will talk about HOW we do that later in the article.

Does The Mind Ever “Sleep”?

The most amazing thing about the mind is its state of constant “thinking”. It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping, exercising, eating, relaxing, working, reading or watching Netflix, your mind is constantly processing the impulses of data that come through the five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing. Now, the RAS – reticular activating system, that I talk about in my book, comes into play and it sorts out this data, bringing into your consciousness only the information you signaled of being of high importance to you.

Conflicts arise when the important information signaled by your RAS is not what you desire or want, but rather your fears. Read more to understand how this happens.

The Power Of A Thought

Since our thoughts are impulses of energy and information, they provide instructions to the cells of our bodies through the molecules that make our cells. In return, this changes the cell structure.

The most well-known experiment, by FR. Masaru Emoto proves how the power of thought is directly influencing the sub-atomic world, by manipulating the matter.

In this experiment, water that has been exposed to positive thoughts formed beautiful crystals, while water that has been exposed to negative thoughts formed deformed chrystals or no crystals at all.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, that’s why your thoughts have a huge impact on your body cells. Your whole body structure and chemistry that you have today has been transformed by all the thoughts you had throughout your life so far.

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

In a nutshell, your physical body is merely an expression of ideas, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It’s a physical representation of your “stored” memories that you gathered about yourself and the world around you.

Yes, your environment shapes who you are, literally.

Can you change the matter by observing it?

In quantum theory, some studies show that even the simple act of observing matter can directly affect and change it (2)the observer affects the observed reality.”

We all have experienced it, that weird feeling you get when someone is watching you. You don’t see them, but you kind of feel them. And then you turn around and indeed, someone was observing you from a distance. How can you explain this?

Pretty easy, since we are all connected at a molecular level, the energy of the person observing you is carried forward in your direction and as a result, you experience that energy, you feel it in a subtle way. If you are not in touch with your body and your intuition, you might not sense this slight change in your energy and not feel someone is observing you. It’s still happening, but you are not consciously aware of it. (think about all those moments when you were stressed out and your mind was going 100 miles per hour, thinking and worrying…in those moments you are not in touch with your body and you might not even hear someone saying “Hi”. Your body does intercept the signal of sound, but you consciously don’t because you are so focused on what is going on in your mind)

How Do Thoughts Influence Our Future?

We discussed the tiniest particle in the universe, but we didn’t talk about how they interact. All the strings are held together by forces of attraction. In solid objects, these forces are strong enough to hold the particles firmly in position. But even if we see a solid object as being something static, in reality, these energy particles are always moving. The way “they move” is by vibrating in a fixed position. The more energy the particles have, the faster and more “strongly” they vibrate, meaning they vibrate at a very high frequency.

This is what “like attracts like” from the Law Of Attraction’s definition means.

It shows that particles will attract each other if they have a similar frequency. “This frequency is also known as a wave of energy. It’s a vibrational energy that draws to it similar energies that match its frequency. As such, you will attract more of the same information you send out into the world. Therefore if you think negative thoughts, you will naturally attract circumstances, events, and people that energetically match those thoughts. If you have optimistic thoughts, then you will likewise attract circumstances, events, and people that are aligned with those types of thoughts.” (3)

Our bodies also adapt to other people’s energy fluctuations. Since we are all connected at a molecular level, it’s pretty obvious that other people’s energy/emotions are affecting us too.

Emotions vs Feelings

Do you know the primary function of your body?

It’s probably not what you think.

Your body is designed to act out the instructions based on the thoughts you have allowed into your consciousness, the thoughts that your RAS has signaled of being very important. So your body, just as your mind, is always in motion, always doing something.

What are Emotions

Let’s imagine that today is your birthday, you are surrounded by all your family and friends, everyone is happy to celebrate you and you are having the best day ever.

Your body is perceiving your reality as being a pleasurable one, through all your 5 sensesyou see your friends, you smell the delicious food, you taste your favorite cake, you hug your loved ones, and hear your favorite music.

All this information creates positive thoughts, which then induces empowering emotions and as an end result, you are experiencing positive feelings.

Emotion comes from the Latin word “emotere” and it literally means energy in motion. (4)

How beautiful, right?

And yes, there is a difference between emotions and feelings.

How Many Types Of Emotions Exist

Emotions are universal, in fact, at one point only 4 emotions were discovered, by William James. These were: fear, grief, love, and rage, based on bodily involvement. Later on, Paul Ekman came up with a different angle, having these 6 emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. Reason Richard and Bernice Lazarus, they went further, and in their book “Passion”, they list fifteen different emotions: aesthetic experience, anger, anxiety, compassion, depression, envy, fright, gratitude, guilt, happiness, hope, jealousy, love, pride, relief, sadness, and shame.

Nowadays, psychologists identify twenty-seven categories of emotion: admiration, adoration, aesthetic appreciation, amusement, anger, anxiety, awe, awkwardness, boredom, calmness, confusion, contempt, craving, disappointment, disgust, empathic pain, entrancement, envy, excitement, fear, guilt, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, pride, relief, romance, sadness, satisfaction, sexual desire, surprise, sympathy and triumph. This was based on 2185 short videos intended to elicit a certain emotion. These were then modeled onto a “map” of emotions. (5)

In my coaching practice, I work with 39 types of emotions divided into 22 categories, because a lot of emotions have the same frequency so they can be grouped together. For example, fear, grief, depression, despair, and powerlessness are all at the same vibration, so in one category but signify 5 different emotions. My work, when it comes to emotions and how they affect our future, is inspired by Esther and Jerry Hicks’s books.

How To Manifest What You Want By Using Your Emotions

When we are experiencing high-frequency emotions, all the cells of our body feel alive and invigorated, they are thriving. When we go through a painful experience, and we feel negative emotions, the cells of our body end up being lethargic, slow, sluggish.

Because most people are controlled by their environment, they can’t consciously choose better emotions, so they are living most of their days in stress, worry, anxiety, anger, fear, etc. Because of this, their cells continue to slow down, lose their vitality and energy and slowly weaken the whole immune system. As a result, people feel more tired, more sluggish and weak. As long as they keep focusing on the events that cause stress/worry/anxiety etc, their cells would only get worse and in time, diseases would take over. Based on the most powerful emotions and thoughts they focus on, the disease will happen in different organs of the body.

Side note: one of my favorite thing to do, as a coach, is to figure out why people get sick and to explain to them what kind of thoughts they have been focusing on, that lead to certain emotions and in the end to that disease.

Can You Heal Diseases With The Power Of Thoughts And Emotions?!

Of course, you can, you can manifest anything you want, scientifically speaking.

In reality, you’d need to be Jesus like – meaning: you would need to have such control over your mind, emotions, and feelings that you only focus on the positive no matter what is going on in your environment. This skill is something a bit harder to achieve. So the best way to cure any disease is to use both medicine and thought/emotion. But more on this in another article or you can email me and we can discuss in private (roswitha@roswithaherman.com)

Each emotion is projecting a very specific energy signature out into the world. Science tells us that energy must now come back and fill that void of empty space left behind. It will fill this void with a similar energy signature.

Here is an example:

If you are angry and you take action from this emotional place, you most likely will experience events or circumstances that match that energy, that anger. As a result, you might end up experiencing anxiety, stress, shame, fear, etc. You experience these emotions because they have a similar energy signature to anger and rage.

What Are The Feelings?

Now that we spoke about emotions, let’s understand what feelings are.

Feelings are mental associations and reactions that are 100% personal to each individual.  Through our life experience, we create different meanings to every emotion and hence we create our feelings towards them. In the English language, there are over 4,000 feelings listed. (6)

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

The emotions always come first and they are universal, the feelings are unique and come second. You and your friend can feel the same emotion and label it under different names, which consist of your particular feelings towards that emotion.

Keep in mind: Emotions are event-driven, while feelings are learned behaviors that are usually in hibernation until triggered by an external event. (7)

The Consciousness Hierarchy and How We Actually Manifest Anything

One of my favorite writers that helped me better understand how emotions play a role in manifesting, is David R. Hawkins. When I did the research for my own book, my inspiration was “Power vs. Force” book. Based on the energy fluctuations and vibrations, he mapped out the levels of consciousness that range for low vibration/frequency to high vibration/frequency.

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

We all transition through different levels of human consciousness based on what our environment dictates and how good we are at controlling our thoughts. On a day to day basis, we mostly experience our baseline state, that one particular consciousness level that we vibrate most of the time. This is why we say about people: “She is always complaining”, “She is always happy”, “He is always angry about something or someone”, “She is always worried about not having enough money”, etc.

Based on your baseline state, along this consciousness hierarchy, you will be matched with circumstances, events or people, that vibrate at the same level. This is why the people from the examples above will always be complaining since their reality will always show something to complain about; always stay happy since their reality will always give them a reason to be happy; always be angry since their reality will bring more examples of what he should be angry about etc…

Based on my own research, after following up on the work of David R. Hawkins and later on, Abraham Hicks here is the scale I use in my coaching practice.

The Consciousness Hierarchy Of Emotions:

  1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love  — the highest frequency consciousness level

  2. Passion

  3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

  4. Positive Expectation/Belief

  5. Optimism

  6. Hopefulness

  7. Contentment

  8. Boredom

  9. Pessimism

  10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience

  11. Overwhelmed

  12. Disappointment

  13. Doubt

  14. Worry

  15. Blame

  16. Discouragement

  17. Anger

  18. Revenge

  19. Hatred/Rage

  20. Jealousy

  21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

  22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness/Shame  – the lowest frequency consciousness level

Given all these levels of consciousness, it’s important to note that over the course of your life you will move up and down this hierarchy depending on your life circumstances. However, you will only tend to move up or down two or three levels away from your baselines state.

How To Figure Out Your Baseline State Of Consciousness (What You Manifest)

In order to know exactly why your reality is the way it is, you need to determine your baseline state of consciousness. This thing is not that easy to spot since we all move up and down the scale all day long, depending on what we are going through in our life. When we go through crucial life events, we will linger in one state for days, weeks or even months. Like when we are grieving.

However, we can estimate our baseline state pretty well, by analyzing our response to stressful situations.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to discover your baseline state of consciousness in relation to stress:

How do I behave when I’m under intense pressure situations? Think of the last moment you felt very stressed, how did you behave that day? What words did you use? Can you remember the reccuring thoughts you had? What about expectations? (From you and the people around you) How did you handle the situation?

There is NO judgment here. The point of this exercise is not to make you feel bad or disappointed in yourself. The point is merely to clarify what is going on when you act on autopilot in your life. This way, you can better understand yourself and make adjustments in the future.

Also, we live on a planet with billions of people, every single one with their own baseline state of consciousness. Their level might be lower or higher than your level. Be gentle with everyone you meet and offer compassion. Just because you now know, it doesn’t mean everyone else does or that everyone else has the courage and believes in their ability to change their behaviour.

How To Identify The Consciousness State Level Of The People Around You

The simplest and fastest way to know is to see how you feel after you meet with each person.

Do you feel tired, exhausted, fatigued, scared, worried, anxious? It means their energy is at a lower vibration, their state of consciousness is on a lower level than yours and they influenced your own level, by pulling you down the hierarchy. And yes, there are methods of maintaining your level of consciousness no matter what people you interact with.

Do you feel excited, full of energy, hopeful, positive? This means their energy is in a higher vibration, their state of consciousness is on a higher level than yours and they have influenced your level and lifted you up the hierarchy. You want to be in the presence of these people, on a daily basis. Just by being close to them (online also counts!) your whole body will get healthier, your thoughts will stay positive, you will get more creative and you will manifest more good things in your life.

Moving Up On The Emotional Scale (Taking Control Of Your Life)

Moving up each level of consciousness takes some effort, but it is not hard at all. What is hard is our own ability to carve time and to focus on this on a daily basis. We all have so much resistance in doing something new, that is not recognized as “normal” by the masses. Although we might understand the science behind it, as long as around us, people think this manifesting thing is stupid, you will continue to doubt it and doubt yourself, making it hard to do the work needed on a daily basis.

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

The work itself it’s not hard. Convincing yourself to do it, IS.

In general, you can’t move up the scale of consciousness from the lowest level to the highest in one exercise. It’s simply not possible if you are a beginner.


Because it takes a LOT of energy. Imagine how much energy every single particle in your body needs to acquire in order to vibrate so fast in such a short time period. It’s like getting into your 20-year-old car and having the expectation to start and to go 300 miles per hour in 3 seconds.

How Fast Can You Move Up The Emotional Scale?

The ideal way to do it is to move up one level at a time. Sometimes even 2 levels or more. Depending on how long we want to focus on changing the energy in our body and, of course, what was our starting level.

If you are already at OPTIMISM, it might take 30 minutes to reach LOVE, moving up 4 levels of consciousness. But when you start from SHAME, you might spend the same time and only move up two levels, to JEALOUSY. This is perfectly normal and you should feel proud of yourself. Because even though you are not feeling positive, at least you can see you have improved your energy overall. Now, you have a choice, you can spend more time and move up the scale or accept this new level and hope the environment will help you maintain this or raise your vibration. (relying on the environment is risky, but if you have created a positive environment around you, it’s actually a good idea)

What Happens When Your Baseline Is Below Courage?

If your baseline state is below courage, you won’t like what I say next. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make progress up the consciousness hierarchy without help. I know you are strong enough, smart enough and capable enough to do it yourself, BUT your pride and your attachment to seeing the world in a negative way will stop you from making meaningful progress alone. You will simply sabotage yourself. This is where a coach comes into the mix. By having someone to guide you, to keep you accountable and to accept you unconditionally, you will let go of the old patterns and thoughts and be more open to change. (You can schedule a FREE call with me and discuss more about how I can help you)

Why My Clients Manifest Anything They Want Fast

As mentioned above, depending on the overall frequency of the particles in your body, you will manifest your reality. Here is a great example, that I am sure you have seen before.

Someone who is constantly living in a state of fear (their baseline is a low state of consciousness), is worried about stepping out of the house because they know something bad might happen to them. So when something bad, but small or insignificant does happen, they tend to catastrophize by making it a lot worse than it actually is.

For them, every single day is a struggle because they are so focused on negative thoughts, that they keep attracting negative circumstances. They don’t see a way out, they are simply “stuck” in a never-ending circle of a bad life. This never-ending circle is tied to their limiting beliefs and their phycological rules they have developed by watching their environment. In order for us to understand every single thing in life, we make up a story about it. These stories are not necessarily true, but we can make them true by focusing on them and manifesting them into our life.

This is why some people are always unlucky and other people are always so lucky. It’s not about “luck” per se, it’s about what you believe to be true for you and what you manifest.

My Coaching Process Of Manifesting What You Desire

What I do in my coaching practice with every single client, is to guide them to follow and integrate these steps:

  1. Instead of catastrophizing when something bad happens, shift the focus to find the blessings in the situation. I believe wholeheartedly that everything happens for our highest good. So when something “bad” happens, if it is for our highest good, it is our job to look for that “good” in the situation, to spot it and integrate it.
  2. We use a series of questions, depending on the negative situation experienced, to find solutions. You can’t get out of a negative situation by focusing on the negative situation. The only way out is to focus on solutions, to focus on the exact opposite of what you are feeling.
  3. Based on what we uncover so far, we spot the limiting beliefs and the phycological rules each person has in relation to that situation. Some people might have a rule of “There is no one there to help me when I need it!” which was created somewhere in the past when this person didn’t have anyone to help them, so in order to protect themselves in the future, they created this story. Now, even though they might have people willing to help them, they “cannot see” it, because of the use of their phycological rule as their truth. My job is to point this out and to show them, their rule is no longer valid.
  4. After working on changing the limiting beliefs and the phycological rules, this person is now moving up the scale of consciousness and is changing their baseline. They have now developed the necessary courage to do the things needed, to start changing their life.

Why My Coaching Method Works All The Time

With every new coaching session, they start attracting better and better things into their life because their attention is now focused on solutions, on the blessings. Six months into our coaching program and they are brand new people. (literally, their cells have changed their energy)

This is “the secret” to my coaching practice and this is why I can help people with multiple issues, because no matter what problem you have, the recipe to “solving it” is the same. Depending on the baseline of consciousness you have when we start and the commitment you have to do the homework, in a few months you can elevate every area of your life.

Results My Clients Get After Working With Me:

  • making more money. Some double their income, others 10x it. (all depends on their baseline level they start with and how long we work together)
  • lose the extra weight the body doesn’t need (some people need to lose 40 pounds others only 5)
  • start exercising regularly. In order to have cells that vibrate higher, you need energy. Besides the emotional work, exercising is the best way to add energy to your cells and discard negative emotions. I integrate everything, by looking at each body as a whole.
  • they cure diseases. After they understand the emotional meaning of their pain and diseases, and reach the courage level in their baseline, they are ready to do the necessary work to get their cells healthy. Depending on each client, this means going to checkups, getting medical treatment, doing the emotional work and of course, understanding food and what to eat in order for inflammation to disappear and for the cells to receive the energy they need. Food is made of matter, made of strings, made of energy. If you eat good food for you, your body cells receive energy. If you eat bad food for you, your body cells are being starved and this leads to improper regeneration and health issues. (like aging, tiredness, fatigue, depression, etc)
  • find their purpose. Everyone has a unique purpose. Once they stop acting on auto-pilot, doing all the things society dictates and start getting to know themselves, they also realize what they are passionate about and what legacy they would like to leave on this Earth.
  • they are master manifestors. Old clients still call me and tell me how they manifest amazing things into their life all the time. They mention how all their friends call them “Lucky” because it’s crazy what things happen to them.

How Can You Start TODAY And Manifest What You Want Instantly?

  1. You need to want this and you need to be willing to invest time daily or at least a few times per week
  2. You need to know what exactly to do based on what you feel

I personally needed a resource like this. I wanted something I could access anytime, to help me move up the scale of consciousness. So, I spend a couple of months researching and adding all the exercises I saw working out for me, and created this awesome course, called “From PowerLESS to PowerFULL”. Because when we are on lower frequency levels, we have no energy, no power, we are powerless. As we move up the scale, we gain more energy, hence more power, ergo we become powerful.

As mentioned above, I work with 39 types of emotions divided into 22 categories. For each category, there are certain self-development exercises you can do, in order to move up the scale. In total, I added 17 types of exercises and I am always adding new ones as I further develop my practice. This week I actually came up with a new exercise that I am experimenting with now and will add it to our list in the next few weeks.

How Does “From POWERless to PowerFULL” Work?

This is how I do it. Every morning, I carve 10 to 60 minutes and I sit down with my journal. I start asking myself (by looking at the scale of emotions) “What is my baseline today?”. Since it’s morning and usually my environment didn’t have time to mess me up yet, my baseline is very accurate.

After figuring out my baseline, I check the exercises under that category of emotions.

Let’s say there are 10 different exercises. I don’t do them all. I pick one that I feel it could help, on that particular day. It takes usually 10 min per exercise. After I am done, I ask myself “Do I feel better?“.  Then, I look at the scale of emotions and check to see if my baseline has moved up one level or not.

Some days, with one exercise, my energy can move up 3 levels.

Other days, I do 3 exercises to move up one level.

It varies a lot, based on what is going on in our life.

Why Do You Need “From POWERless to PowerFULL”?

I want you to use this resource your whole life because as long as you live, you will think thoughts and experience emotions. Knowing how to consciously control them, you will be able to control your reality. My purpose in life is to help as many people as possible to learn how to help themselves, to learn how to consciously create their reality and how to manifest anything they want fast. This is why it’s so important to have this product and to use it daily. After years of using it, you will do these exercises in your mind without needing paper, because your brain will be trained to execute on autopilot.

And, you are so lucky! I decided to offer this course, called “From POWERless to PowerFULL” at 90% OFF!

When I launched it in March 2019, the price was $1,500. Now, for a limited time, I will offer it at $150.

I really want all of you to have the power to change your energy every day. I want you to depend less on the environment and more on yourself. We can influence other people with our energy, but we can’t control their actions. What we can totally control is our thoughts and our feelings which control our actions.

How To Manifest Anything - Roswitha Herman-2

I truly believe EVERYONE needs this course.

You can also access it on your phone, making it super easy to do the exercises wherever you are.

As a conclusion, I want to leave you with:

We are all made up of energy that is constantly interacting with everything around it. It doesn’t matter if we live close by or thousands of miles away, we are influencing each other. This is why the world we see is an extension of us. If we stop the individualistic view of the world and we start seeing it as a whole, we can truly shape it into a beautiful place to live in.

Your sadness is influencing my energy.

Your joy is influencing my energy.

If more of us experience joy on a daily basis, we can impact our communities and our countries to experience a higher level of vibration, just by simply being.

I know you think that worrying about your loved ones, helps them…but in fact, it does the opposite. If you want to help anyone, feel good yourself. Think about them with good thoughts. Visualize them happy and healthy. This will truly help.

From POWERless to PowerFULL

This is a must-have resource for everyone who wants to consciously manifest all their desires.
Get 90% OFF Today!
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It took me three weeks to write this article and around 9 years of reading and learning about law of attraction and how to manifest your desires. I hope it brought you a lot of clarity and I can’t wait to see you inside the “From POWERless to PowerFULL”, so we can work together on manifesting conciously what we dream about.

Now, I’d love to know.

What is your opinion about manifesting? Has this article changed your mind? Are you going to use the information to manifest anything you want?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much as you can in your reply. We are all here to learn, get inspired from one another, and you may never know who you are going to influence today. Be the sparkle you want to see in others.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your voice. You are awesome and I am honored to have you here.

With love,