5 Success Habits To Do While Drinking Coffee

If I were to ask you: “What is the no 1 reason why you think you are not becoming more successful day after day?” I am completely sure that most of you will respond “TIME. I do not the have time to do what I think will help me be more successful.”

Of course, we both know that this excuse is BS (bullsh$t) because “If there is a will, there is a way.”. However, it’s pretty darn painful to wake up an hour earlier to work on your goals or to skip going out with friends after 10 working hours, to stay at home and read.

I totally get it and I know it’s hard and I know it’s painful, and I also know that you are doing your best and for now you just did not seem to find the best solution that works for your busy schedule.

Here is where this article comes into play. I’ve helped a dozen of clients, worldwide, with completely different careers and schedules to introduce success habits in their daily routine and I want to help you too.

When to add your success habits

We all like to enjoy a cup of something delish in the morning. It’s either coffee, tea, protein shake etc. I love all of them and I do all of them in the morning, but I am sure you enjoy at least one of them on a daily basis without thinking twice about it.

Now, WHEN do you drink your coffee (or any magic juice)?

  1. If it’s at home and you savor it for a couple of minutes in your kitchen or on your balcony – BAM – here is your window for doing your success habits.
  2. If it’s during your commute and you are using public transportation or you have an assigned driver – BAM – here is your window for doing your success habits. Some success habits can also be done while driving. In case you drive during your commute, you can still be successful!
  3. If you drink it at work, usually with coworkers or as you check emails – BAM – here is your not-so-legit* window for doing your success habits.
*Everyone procrastinates at work every single day, instead of checking your Facebook or Instagram profile, or chit-chatting on your company’s dime, at least do something productive that would lift your energy and actually TURN you into a more productive employee. (so it’s a win-win, but make sure your boss allows you to do these habits on company’s time or take a 10 min break to do them in. I want you to be as honest and respectful as you can be.)

5 Success Habits That You Can Do While Drinking Coffee

Now that we established the WHEN to do the success habits, let’s see what success habits you can do in such short time.

  • JOURNALING (TIME: 5 minutes)

This is my favorite success habit and it works like magic, plus you do not have to be a writer or have any writing experience – because no one is going to read it! All you need to do is get an inspiring notebook and write in it everything that goes through your head. You can write 1 page and it’s more than enough.


– dreams you dreamt the night before

– fears

– goals and tasks you have that day/montH

– words of encouragement or positive affirmations

– non-sense thoughts

  • GRATEFULNESS* (TIME: 1 minute)

This is a must success habit as it forms you into becoming a new person, with a new vision and a new perspective. Grateful people are always happier and they also attract what they want in life easier. All you need to do is write 3 things you are grateful for.

These things can be general, like the weather or specific, like a certain thing that happened to you that day.

  •  READ (TIME: 1 minute)

How many books have you bought that you have not read yet? Be honest here…

Now, is the moment to do something you won’t like since it’s “not perfect”. I am going to ask you to read ONE PAGE, or one paragraph, or one article each day. Whatever you feel like doing.

Sometimes I read one page, other times I read just one sentence. Depending on my mood, the time I have and what I need. There are many times when one sentence is giving me the answer to what I was looking for.

  •  VISUALISE* (TIME: 2 minutes)

You can either do this by looking at your Dream Board if you have one of those, or you can just think about how you want your day to be like. I love doing a combination of both. As I am drinking my coffee, I imagine how I want to feel all day long, how I want certain things to unfold, how creative and productive I want to be. At the same time, if I have some time left, I like looking at my Dream Board and imagine myself having/being/doing all the things in those pictures.

This habit ALWAYS puts me in the best mood ever.

  •  MEDITATE* (TIME: 1 minute)

I know meditation is hard for many people because they cannot quiet the mind so they don’t like it and don’t do it. In this case, there is a wonderful meditation technique that I use, which is simply breathing. You want to set your timer to 60 seconds and inhale by counting to 4 in your head, hold it for 2 seconds and then release while you count till 6.

Voila, you just meditated!!! Congratulations!

*This you can do while driving too.

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Here you have the best success habits you can do, each day while drinking coffee, that will only take you 10 minutes total. If you don’t take my word for it, please do them for at least 14 days and come back to tell me how you feel and what has changed in your life.

Now, I’d love to know.

Are you already implementing any of these success habits? If yes, which one?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much as you can in your reply. We are all here to learn, get inspired from one another, and you may never know who you are going to influence today. Be the sparkle you want to see in others.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your voice. You are awesome and I am honored to have you here.

With love,

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