$4,249 GIVEAWAY: How I Became An Amazon Best Selling Author

$4,249 GIVEAWAY: How I Became An Amazon Best Selling Author

I had the craziest last few days when my whole world turned upside down, but this time I F-ing loved every single minute of it. It all starts with Saturday when I realized I was an Amazon Best Selling Author since day 1.

You see, I did not know the rules of the game. I thought it’s hard to be a best-selling author and that you need to plan for it, you need to work with someone who knows how to do it, you need to buy some online course that teaches you how to do it…

How could I do it by myself? With my first book? No $ invested?

Seriously, you must be crazy. – that’s what I told myself.

All previous year I read about it, researched it…and I never fully understood it. I thought that in order to snatch the title of an Amazon Best Selling Author, you need to be #1 in your category.

Saturday morning, a lovely publisher messages me and she wondered how come I did not become a best-selling author already and we got to talking and I said YES on working with her to get me there. Later on, I told all my best friends about it and what is going to happen next and I was extremely happy. But something bugged me. I asked the publisher “Are you going to make me a number #1?” and she said “I’ll do my best, but not promise”.

Here lies the confusion. She promised me she will make me a best-selling author, but she could not promise she will get me #1…so what are the rules for being a best-selling author?

The rules are that you need to be in the first #100 in your category. Face slap.

You see, when I launched my book because I had sales in a short amount of time, I got to #30 in my category and I even took a print screen of it to remind myself “how close I was to #1”. Little did I know that with that print screen I put myself on the map of Amazon Best Selling Authors.

I did not know what to feel. Super excited that one of my biggest dreams came true? Or upset that I had no idea for 3 months?

Of course, I focused on the first one.

As a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who already got the book, I am offering the biggest GIVEAWAY I could ever think of offering.

How to enter the $4,249 GIVEAWAY

The prizes are:

1st PLACE: One day with me (value $3,000)
2nd PLACE: Self-Love 4 week Course by GetLifestyleGems.com (worth $499) + one coaching session with me (worth $250)
3rd PLACE: One month of coaching with me (value $500)

::: HOW TO WIN? :::

-> buy my book, the kindle version – http://bit.ly/roswitha-kindleONLY THURSDAY, MARCH 23rd and post here (or send me, my email is roswitha@roswithaherman.com, a picture with the confirmation)

If you want to have more chances to win (I will add your name 2 more times)

—> share this EVENT – http://bit.ly/best-seller-win
—> leave a REVIEW here – http://bit.ly/roswitha-kindle

*** People who already bought the book, in any format, you will be added automatically if you send me a picture with the confirmation – like a print screen.

Everyone else will enter the GIVEAWAY IF THEY BUY THE BOOK THURSDAY, MARCH 23rd!

With this giveaway, I am hoping to reach #1 Best Selling Author


Yes, thanks to all of you who supported me and bought my book that day, I DID BECOME A BEST SELLING AUTHOR ON AMAZON on 23rd of March 2017! Thank you xxx