Win One Month of Coaching: Celebrating 2 Years Of (12th April 2017)

Win One Month of Coaching: Celebrating 2 Years Of (12th of April 2017)

It was 12th of April 2015, Easter day. I was at my parent’s house, on their couch in the living room, working my butt off to finish the 3rd article I wanted to have when I was about to hit PUBLISH on Everyone was enjoying the holiday, eating, watching TV, going for walks and chitchatting. I was going crazy, missing the whole holiday, beeing attached to my laptop like I was on life support.

That day I promised myself never to compromise missing family and holiday’s time for work.

And that day, my second “child” was born. I’ve been in the online business for 5 years, with my first “child”, an online magazine focused on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. But, with my coaching degree in my hand, it was time for a new baby and a new business. I was ready to be a coach and have something to show for it.

Two years have gone by so quickly and although I started with massive business debt, zero clients, and no structured plan in sight, I’ve accomplished quite a lot. It’s true what they say:

” It’s easier to overestimate what you can do in one year, but underestimate what you can do in three”

In my case, in two. Because I believe in authenticity and transparency and because nothing is always as it seems, I want to take you on my journey so far.

Buckle up, cause we have an adventurous ride to take.

Celebrating 2 Years of

  • Got My First Coaching Client

After hosting my first live workshop, I was approached by one of the ladies. She wanted to lose weight badly. I was trained for it so after meeting her for a free session to find out more about her and her health journey, I made the sale. Easiest thing I’ve ever done.

Fast-forward to now, this amazing person not only changed her life completely: moved to another continent, raised her income by 5x and she is now in top 15% of the world, financially speaking; lost weight and is able to keep it off by eating all that she wants, is happy and fulfilled. She also became my best friend and I am very grateful to have her in my life.

  • Doubled My Prices After 6 Months

With my firsts clients, I was not confident to ask the price that I really wanted. I was scared people will say “I cannot afford it” and I will have zero clients. But, as I noticed what amazing results my clients got, I knew it was time to up my game. I was feeling no energy and dreading to work for such a small price. Energetically, something was off. I did the scary thing and doubled my prices and guess what? Clients still came.

  • Failed

We were about to go on a business trip and cash was short, so I decided to organize a workshop and make money “overnight”. I did it before so I thought it would be easy. I invested a lot in venue, materials, advertising and business tech stuff so people could pay cash at the venue.

Guess what happened?

Besides my clients, NO ONE SHOWED UP. Yes yes, I made zero money that day. I was so embarrassed. I could not believe what just happened. I did everything right. “It is not fair!” – I kept telling myself. Plus, I felt guilty for spending money I did not have, on something that was useless in the end. That day, based on my ego, I promised myself that I will never host another workshop again in my life.

Update: Six months later I swallowed my pride and hosted another workshop, learned from my mistakes and it was a total success and got a new client from it.

  • Got Featured On The Huffington Post

Everyone who is someone in the online world, dreams of being featured on the Huffington Post. It was such a big milestone for me that I did not even put it on my dream board. I thought I had to wait at least one more year, and write more content, and be featured on smaller websites, before even emailing Arianna Huffington.

But, because my husband did it by himself, cause he is an awesome business coach for any coach or entrepreneur that wants to change the world, I followed his teachings and emailed Arianna one night. My surprise was huge when SHE REPLIED.

Here are my articles on Huffington Post, they’re worth a read.

A Guide For Perfectionists Looking To Add More Balance To Their Life

How To Measure Success In An Unorthodox Way

  • Won a Scholarship To Write My Book

The dream of writing a book started many many years before, but I never acted on it because I thought I had nothing to say, plus I had no idea how to do it and I did not have time for it. I needed to make money not write books.

Well, one day I get this email where it says that if I find at least one person to enroll to IIN (my coaching school, cause I am an ambassador for them) in the next 3 days (over the weekend) I get the chance (there were 5 spots I think and it was a draw, whoever was lucky) to win a scholarship where they will teach me how to write and publish my book.

It was too good to be true. The deadline was tight and even if I would have met it, it was still a long shot. But I FELT this opportunity was for me and that it was MY TIME to write my book.

Believe it or not, but I found one person to enroll and two weeks later, I WAS ONE OF THE WINNERS. My friend calls me the manifesting queen for a reason.

  • Increased My Prices With 50%

After almost one year of coaching and a few dozen success stories with my clients, I increased my prices again. This was 3x more than I asked my first client.

You might think “Why are you increasing your prices?”

There a few reasons why in the coaching industry it is wise to constantly increase your pricing:

  1. After you reach a new milestone in your personal and professional life
  2. After you notice that the energetic exchange is no longer balanced
  3. When you want to work with certain type of clients
  4. Because you want your clients to get even better results. When people invest, people commit. When they commit, miracles happen. It seems weird, but the higher the cost (that you can actually offer value for) the higher the result

  • Created my “Successful Women” Community on Facebook

I really wanted a community that is more engaged and where I can be closer to my people. Yes, email is awesome, but the level of engagement you can get in a facebook group is priceless.

Join the Successful Women group if you want to be close to like-minded women who strive to get better every day.

  • Had To Accept a Break

I had so many dreams, I want to conquer so many things and I just couldn’t do them. My time was spread across being a great fiancee for my partner, writing a book, my clients and organizing the wedding of my dreams. I was so frustrated at the thought that I could not do them all, and I pushed and I pushed until I had to face the truth and just take a break.

Was the hardest thing I had to do.

I love my job, I love working online, I get excited to create new things and new content constantly and to give it all up, it was heart-breaking, even if it was temporary.

I made a pact with my partner that I will only focus on the book and the wedding and he will focus on making money and pay for everything. It was not easy, cause I like to be in control, but it worked like a charm.

  • Had To Start All Over Again

After the perfect wedding and the awesome Caribbean honeymoon, we decided to take a 6 months vacation and live like nomads to see if this lifestyle is for us. We had money saved and everything was planned to the smallest detail. Little did we knew that everything will take a completely new spin.

Highlights from that month:

  • we were conned out of $3,500
  • we lost a big recurring payment
  • my husband lost his sight and he had to stop working, like overnight

I knew I had to start getting back on track with my business, but after these incidents, I was financially terrified and I felt trapped. It was no longer about having fun while working, but about surviving. It took me a month to get out of that funk and scarcity mindset and to do my best to be successful, financially speaking, and finish my book.

  • Published My Book – “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed”

Imagine the joy, the last day of the year and I was holding my book, the book I worked on for 14 months. I cannot describe what I felt when the Amazon guy delivered it to our doors.

You can buy it here: Young, Creative & Overwhelmed

  • Got Back on Track, Financially. Increased My Prices

After I had to start all over and I had to invest in more help because I wanted to make it big fast, it was time to raise my prices and change the way I did coaching. It was time to put on the big girl pants and over deliver the sh$t out of coaching. Managed to triple my prices and get new clients who got results 3x times faster than in the past.

I realized how much I’ve grown as a coach and as a business woman. Looking back at how much I charged my first client, now I was making 9x more money.

  • New Video Content

I wanted for years to have my own online show, each week, but I always sabotaged myself from doing it. I had excuses like “I have nowhere to film”, “I do not have a good camera”, “I do not have time” etc etc. This time I knew something needed to change and I put on paper everything that I needed and in no time, I had the venue, the camera and I went for it.

Were they perfect?

Not a chance. But I learned with each shooting, each video and I became better and better. I was able to be constant for a change and this meant the world to me.

  • Became An International Best Selling Author

Another huge win for me as a human, but moreover as a coach and businesswoman. Becoming an International Best Selling Author with my first book, without a fancy team behind me or a publisher, or a huge community, proved me something. Proved that I am worth it, proved that my message is powerful and helpful.

Not to mention having my book overpass Arianna Huffington’s book – THRIVE – that was BIG!

Nowadays I get print screens with my book from random people, telling me how much they relate to it and how much has helped them. I could not be happier. All the work had finally paid off.

So, what is next? What should you expect?

Because I have no more weddings to plan and no more books to write (at least for a while) and because I finally moved in a great apartment, spacious and gorgeous, where I can have more working spaces and entertain friends and settle down for a year, I can be more focused on my next big projects.

  • Launch “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed” Course

This is a big dream of mine and it goes hand in hand with the book. I wanted to launch it earlier, but I just could not do it with all the traveling and becoming a best-selling author.

This course is almost done, I just need to make it pretty and plan the launch and do marketing magic.

This course will help all the millennials who are confused about their purpose in life, who need a strategy, who need clarity and are ready to work on their mindset to make all their dreams happen.

  • Launch “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Fulfilled” Academy

This will be a high-end service for all the women who want my support in becoming happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled and attaining a balanced life. It will be a lot cheaper than 1:1 coaching with me but with a lot of support from me via group coaching and course materials. It will be a mixture between an online course and group coaching with me.

  • Double My Prices For 1:1 Coaching

As I am about to invest in another awesome coach myself, I am ready to grow even more and be able to deliver faster results for my clients. I had my first session with my coach two days ago and when she heard my pricing she said: “Oh, Roswitha, Roswitha, the first thing you need to do is double this, it is way too low for what you have to offer”.

So, in the next month, I will double my prices.

This does not mean that people who won’t be able to afford it won’t get any help. Not at all. I will still publish weekly content that is free and will be coaching in my Successful Women group every week – again for free. And for those who want more for less, my courses will be the best fit.

Depending on your goals, your dreams and how fast you want to accomplish them, you will invest your time and money.

Nothing works unless you do!

How can you win one month of coaching with me? ($500 value now)

Well, it’s pretty easy, there are only 2 requirements:

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The best shares, meaning the people that have the best reasons why they want ME TO COACH THEM, will win it. I want to help people who are excited to work with me and who know what they need.

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I am excited for you and for our journey together!