Money Blocks: 20+ Hottest Questions Answered to Help Entrepreneurs

Roswitha Herman - Business & Money Coach

Roswitha Herman

Thursday, 20th June 2024

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Money blocks 20 hottest questions answered for entrepreneurs

Welcome to your crash course on one of the sneakiest challenges entrepreneurs face: money blocks.

Think of this as your ultimate FAQ session where we get real about what money blocks are, where they come from, and how they’re secretly influencing your financial health and business growth. 

Did you ever wonder if these blocks are simply some meaningless subconscious beliefs or if they carry a deeper spiritual meaning? Or maybe you’re curious about whether everyone has them? 

I’ve got all those answers ready for you, and more. Plus, I’ll even share tips on how to tackle these blocks head-on no matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced “user” when it comes to mindset work.

Let’s get started.

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What are money blocks?

In essence, money blocks are subconscious beliefs that can seriously affect your business growth and overall relationship with money. Often formed in childhood, these beliefs are so deeply embedded in your mind, that they influence how you view and handle your clients and opportunities to grow.

The hardest part is that this usually happens without you consciously realizing it, hence making it very challenging to shift these beliefs.

These aren’t just random negative thoughts; they’re rooted in long-standing perceptions about money and success that you’ve absorbed from your surroundings—family, society, and past experiences and even past lives.

Freaky, I know. 

Money blocks are sneaky but also very specific, like believing things like “being too successful might intimidate others,” or feeling like “I need to do everything myself to succeed,”.

Or, even worse, thinking that “if I raise my prices, I’ll lose clients.” 

These limiting money beliefs keep you playing small, avoiding opportunities and sabotaging your marketing efforts instead of helping you expand your reach, impact and client base.


Are money blocks real?

Absolutely, money blocks are real, and they can make or break your business. Here’s how. 

If someone is telling you that money blocks are not real, they’re either delusional or they’re trying to sell you some marketing course lol. 

Firstly, money blocks can be traced back to psychological principles. Our subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, influencing our actions and decisions without us even realizing it, which is why healing your money blocks is so important.

If you have deep-seated fears or negative beliefs about money, they can show up as self-sabotaging behaviors. How? Well, the most common way is undercharging for your products and services or, maybe even worse, constantly trying to over-deliver and get yourself burnt out. 

Secondly, there are many successful entrepreneurs who have overcome money blocks early in their journey. They may have different names for them, but essentially that’s what allowed them to break through and build these 7, 8 or 9 figures (digital) businesses.

Many business owners find that once they address their limiting money beliefs, their business explodes kind of like “overnight”. 

We can no longer ignore the correlation between our mindset (+ state of our nervous system) and financial success or stability.

And, if you still don’t believe money blocks are real, know that new scientific research into epigenetics suggests that traumatic (of any kind) experiences can be passed down through generations.

This means that money struggles that your great-grandparents experienced could be still affecting you today, on levels that are hard to comprehend, but they can have tangible impact on the way you see yourself and your business. 

Lastly, let’s talk about the famous Law of Attraction which states that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. So, if you believe you’re not deserving of a thriving business and being a millionaire, you will subconsciously create circumstances to confirm that (limiting) belief. 

This isn’t because you’re stupid or broken. This is your nervous system trying to protect you from unknown experiences which are always seen as more threatening than known experiences. 

So yes, money blocks are real, but the good news is that, with a little bit of help, you can totally overcome them. Read on because I’ll share some cool and easy strategies in this article or you can jump to that section now. To get you started, you can download my free hypnosis to release your biggest money block and manifest your revenue goals. 


Are money blocks subconscious beliefs

Indeed they are. Money blocks are subconscious (limiting) beliefs that hold us back from achieving our money goals. These beliefs are so embedded in our minds that we don’t even realize how toxic or wrong they are. 

The big part of these beliefs is formed during childhood through our experiences and the messages we receive from those closest to us. We take those messages as absolute truths about us or life in general, which ultimately leads to us subconsciously creating our life based on those “truths”. 

If your family struggled with money or saw those who had money as “bad people”, those attitudes are most likely ingrained in your subconscious mind. 

Subconscious beliefs are powerful because they operate behind the scenes, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and actions without us even realizing it. This means you might consciously want to succeed in business, but deep down, these hidden beliefs are creating resistance.

You might find yourself procrastinating on invoicing, undercharging for your services, or feeling anxious about creating content that could attract new clients—all signs of underlying money blocks.


What is the spiritual meaning of money blocks

what is the spiritual meaning of money blocks

From a spiritual standpoint, money blocks are more than simple obstacles—they're lessons for entrepreneurs. Often rooted in deep-seated fears, hard-to-break generational patterns, or past experiences (this life, we’ll talk about past lives later), these blocks challenge you to reassess your beliefs about money. 

Like Matt Kahn says, “everything is here to help you”. These beliefs are here to help on your spiritual path, highlighting areas where you may feel unworthy or fearful of abundance.

Spiritually, their purpose is to catalyze growth and healing, pushing you to challenge world views and pretty much everything you’ve learned in childhood. Addressing these spiritual lessons is part of our mission here on Earth. It helps you realign with your true worth, which was never questionable in the first place.

This realignment enables you to attract consistent clients, reach 6+ figures and make all your business and money goals a reality.


How do I know if I have money blocks?

Wondering if you have money blocks? Here’s how you can tell:

Constant Cash Flow Problems:

If you’re always having trouble to cover expenses, pay your team despite working really hard, this could be a sign of money blocks. 

Stress and Anxiety About Money:

If the thought of money makes you break out in a cold sweat, it’s likely a money block. Money should empower you, not cause sleepless nights. Easier said than done, right?!

Undervaluing Your Services:

Hesitating to charge what you truly feel inside or feeling guilty about raising your prices is a big big sign of having some serious money blocks. And self-esteem issues. 

Avoiding Money Management:

Ignoring bills, putting off bookkeeping, or not keeping track of your income and expenses? Avoidance is a big red flag for money blocks.

Negative Money Talk:

If you catch yourself saying things like, “I could never afford that” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” these phrases can reflect deeper limiting beliefs. 

Jealousy Towards Successful Friends:

Scarcity mindset is usually at play when we’re constantly envious of other entrepreneurs’ success? 

These are the most common signs and down below I’ll give you a list of positive money beliefs that will reshape your mindset. 


Reach Your Revenue Goals by Releasing Your Biggest Money Blocks

Whether it’s shame of charging your worth, constantly over-delivering or believing that more money leads to more stress, this hypnosis will guide you to release whatever is blocking you from building a business you love telling people about.

You deserve a business that SUPPORTS you month after month in living your dream life without sacrificing your mental health, spending time with your loved ones or traveling the world.

Roswitha Herman Manifesting Money Coach


30 signs of having money blocks

what are signs of money blocks

1. Underpricing Your Services: Always setting your prices lower than competitors or feeling guilty about charging what you want.

2. Procrastinating Invoicing: Avoiding sending out invoices or delaying billing your clients.

3. Fear of Investing in Your Business: Hesitating to spend money on tools, courses, or hiring help.

4. Constant Worry About Finances: Frequently feeling anxious or stressed about money.

5. Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Struggling to save and often running low on funds.

6. Avoiding Financial Planning: Not setting budgets or avoiding looking at your finances.

7. Fear of Raising Prices: Worrying that clients will say “bye bye” if you increase your rates.

8. Feeling Undeserving of Wealth: Believing you don’t deserve to be financially successful. Usually unconsciously. 

9. Negative Self-Talk About Money: Saying things like “I can’t afford that” or “I’m just not good with money.”

10. Attracting Non-Paying Clients: Constantly dealing with clients who don’t pay on time or having many refund requests. 

11. Inconsistent Income: Having big ups and downs in your monthly revenue.

12. Difficulty Saving Money: Struggling to put money aside for savings or investments back into your business.

13. Fear of Spending: Feeling anxious or even guilty about spending money, even on important things.

14. Envy of Others’ Success: Feeling jealous of other entrepreneurs who are doing well.

15. Imposter Syndrome: Doubting your abilities and feeling like you’re a fraud or not an expert enough. 

16. Working Excessive Hours: Believing you have to work super hard to make any money or that only hard work will get you to 7+ figures.

17. Scarcity Mindset: Always feeling like there’s not enough money.

18. Ignoring Bills: Putting off paying bills because the idea stresses you out.

19. Difficulty Asking for Payments: Feeling super uncomfortable reminding clients about overdue invoices.

20. Lack of Financial Goals: Not setting clear financial goals for your business and navigating with chaos.

21. Fear of Success: Worrying about the changes that come with financial success.

22. Feeling Trapped in Your Business: Believing you can’t afford to take a break or invest in help, tools or growth, like ads.

23. Avoiding Sales Conversations: Hesitating to pitch your services or discuss pricing with potential clients or rushing through the whole thing. 

24. Over-Delivering and Undercharging: Giving more value than you charge for, feeling you need to “prove” your worth but it usually leaves you burned out and frustrated.

25. Believing Money is Bad: Thinking that money is the root of all problems or that wanting money is wrong or not spiritually okay to have a profitable business. 

26. Unresolved Debt: Feeling overwhelmed by debt and unsure how to handle it.

27. Not Celebrating Financial Wins: Ignoring your business successes instead of celebrating them, even the big big ones. 

28. Fear of Rejection: Avoiding new partnership opportunities because you fear being turned down.

29. Perfectionism: Delaying launching products or services because they’re never “perfect” enough.

30. Resistance to Scaling: Avoiding growth opportunities because they require investment or risk.


Why am I having money blocks?

These are the biggest reasons people have money blocks:

1. Inherited Money Energy:

Believe it or not, but money blocks can be passed down through generations. Your ancestors’ financial struggles and their energy imprints might be affecting you subconsciously today.

2. Past Life Influences:

Some call it freaky, I believe it’s true. Unresolved financial issues from past lives can affect you in this lifetime as part of your soul’s purpose. Don’t worry, they can be removed. 

You can jump on a call with me to release money blocks from past lives.

3. Chakra Imbalances:

Our Root Chakra is responsible for feelings of security and stability, even around money. When it’s blocked or imbalanced, it can manifest as instability and fears around money.

4. Energy Flow Disruptions:

Or in short, Feng Shui. How energy flows in your environment, especially where you work, can affect your financial and business success. A cluttered workspace can block the flow of abundance of all sorts, especially financial abundance.

5. Law of Attraction:

According to this law, the energy you put out into the universe attracts similar energy back to you. Action and reaction, right?! Well, constant negative thoughts and fears about money can attract situations in which you constantly experience scarcity or even poverty.

6. Spiritual Beliefs and Practices:

This will be a bit hard to digest for some people, but stay with me. Your spiritual beliefs unconsciously create money blocks. For example, believing that money is inherently evil or that spiritual people should not chase wealth can limit your business growth no matter what ninja marketing strategies you use. 

7. Early Life Impressions:

It’s no secret anymore than our childhood experiences shape our views about money. Growing up in an environment where money was a constant source of stress or scarcity can lead to deep-seated money blocks.

In a weird way, not having money feels safer to your nervous system than having money so it takes a bit of work to retrain your nervous system to feel safe in abundance. 

8. Emotional Associations:

Money is often tied to emotions. If most of your money experiences were ones of guilt, shame, pressure or fear, it’s no wonder that you have limiting beliefs. 

9. Cultural Conditioning:

Society bombards us daily with mixed messages about money. On one hand, we’re encouraged to be wealthy; on the other, we’re told that wanting money is greedy. These conflicting messages are very toxic and harmful, and create money blocks.


Where do money blocks come from?

where do money blocks come from


Money blocks usually start all the way back in our childhood when we’re like little sponges soaking up everything around us, good and bad. If you grew up hearing things like “We can’t afford that” or “Wealthy people are greedy and bad,” those messages can stick with you for the rest of your life, unless you decide to shift these beliefs about money.

Personal Experiences

Your personal experiences also play a huge role, as adolescents or even as adults. Maybe you experienced stress with money in your family or had your own struggles with finances. Over time, these experiences create fears and doubts about your ability to make, save or keep money.


Cultural and societal influence is another big factor. The world we live in often sends mixed messages about money—like it’s bad to want a lot of it, or that only certain people deserve to be wealthy.

You can’t win with the world. If you have lots of it, you’re bad. If you don’t have enough, you’re stupid. These ideas can sneak into your mindset and create, drum rolls please, money blocks.

Inheritance Through DNA

Now, let’s get a bit more mystical, shall we?! Money blocks can also be inherited through your DNA. Shocking but stay with me and I’ll explain. 

Scientific research into epigenetics shows that trauma and limiting beliefs can be passed down through generations.

So, your great-grandparents' financial struggles could still be affecting you today. The good news is that some say it only goes 7 generations in the past. 

All my private 1:1 coaching clients benefit from sessions in which we work on removing money blocks from DNA, cells, soul or even past lives. Email me to see if you qualify for this kind of deep inner work.

Past Lives

To take it even further, some spiritual beliefs even suggest that limiting money beliefs can come from past lives, carrying over unresolved money issues. Personally, I totally believe this and I’ve seen some amazing transformations with clients doing past lives regressions to release money blocks. I’ll get into this more in a different section down below. 

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs releasing money blocks from past lives. Jump on a transformative call with me here!

Energetic Imprints

And let’s not forget about energetic imprints. If your family history includes poverty or money trauma, those patterns can still influence you subconsciously, unfortunately. 

Collective Consciousness

Probably the most intriguing source of money blocks is collective consciousness. The shared beliefs and attitudes of the communities we belong to can deeply influence our personal views on money, even without us being aware of them. If the collective mindset is one of scarcity, it can be challenging to break free from that pattern on your own. 


Your environment also plays a crucial role when it comes to the beliefs you hold about money. Living (or working) in a space that feels chaotic can energetically block the flow of money in your life or business. Remember, money is ENERGY. 

Feng Shui, for example, emphasizes the importance of living in harmonious spaces if we want to have abundance, of anything, in our lives. 

But there’s also some good news for you: once you know where these blocks come from, you can start to change your money story and create new circumstances. 


Can you inherit money blocks?

Absolutely, money blocks can be inherited energetically and spiritually. Many spiritual traditions believe that the energy of our ancestors, including their financial struggles, can be passed down through generations. Lucky us, I know. 

If your ancestors lived through times of scarcity, war, or economic depression (like 99% of the world, right?!), their fears and limiting beliefs about money were probably energetically transferred to you.

How does this show up in your day to day life? Usually it manifests as unexplained anxiety around money or feeling undeserving of wealth.

Another interesting aspect is the concept of past lives. Some spiritual beliefs suggest that unresolved money issues from previous incarnations can carry over into your current life, creating money blocks that you need to address. 


Can money blocks come from past lives

The idea that money blocks can originate from past lives is quite fascinating to me.

Several traditions hold a firm belief in past lives. According to them, our current life is also influenced by past incarnations. I mean, it’s a bit odd to think that we only have one life. All that YOLO doesn’t make any sense now, right?!

If, in a past life, you faced severe financial problems or developed a negative relationship with money, those experiences create energetic imprints that follow you into your current life. These imprints cause unexplained anxieties, recurring money problems, or feelings of unworthiness around money. 

Even famous individuals like Dr. Brian Weiss, a well-known psychiatrist, and Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor at the University of Virginia, have explored past-life regression therapy and its impact on healing present-life issues. For doubters, their work provides compelling evidence that past-life traumas can influence our current money mindset.

In order to heal these types of money blocks, you gotta consider advanced techniques like past-life regression therapy, guided meditations, or working with intuitive coaches (like me – feel free to email me here). These transformative methods can help you heal your relationship with money, so you can embrace abundance in this lifetime.

Get my financial abundance meditation here.


Did you know we carry money blocks from PAST LIVES?

We carry beliefs, vows, trauma, and even curses from previous lifetimes that can hold us back in our present reality.

In this exclusive coaching call, I'll guide you through a gentle and transformative process, putting you in a light hypnosis state where you can access the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. 

From there, we'll tap into the power of Theta Healing—an ancient healing modality—to release and remove vows, curses, trauma, and limiting beliefs that have been carried over from past lifetimes.

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Roswitha Herman Manifesting Coach and Money Coach


Does everyone have money blocks?

While not everyone experiences money blocks in the same way, it’s pretty common for most people to have some form of limiting beliefs around money. 

Even highly successful people and entrepreneurs can have money blocks. They might manifest in different ways than for regular folks, such as fear of losing wealth, anxiety about maintaining their financial status. It’s also very common for many wealthy people to experience guilt about having more money than others. 


What is the most common money block?

What a good question. Not everyone has the same opinion, but if you ask me I’d have to say that it’s the fear of financial insecurity. This manifests as a never-ending worry about not having enough money to meet basic needs, emergencies, or future goals.

Obviously, it leads to stress, anxiety, and very conservative financial decisions that limit our growth.

Historical influences like wars and economic depressions leave lasting imprints. These widespread limiting beliefs are often passed down from generation to generation through sayings and proverbs.


What are 10 most common money blocks?

You’ll probably not be surprised by this list. All cultures have them. Nobody escapes them yet together we can create a world in which these are less and less spread. 

We will not heal any of these completely in our lifetime, but any improvement matters. 

Here are the 10 most common money blocks. 

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • I’m not good with money.
  • Rich people are greedy.
  • I don’t deserve to be wealthy.
  • Making money is hard.
  • I’ll never be able to charge that much.
  • There’s never enough money.
  • I’m afraid of losing what I have.
  • I can’t be spiritual and wealthy.
  • Money changes people for the worse.


What happens when you release your money blocks?

In short, lots of good stuff. 

Releasing your money blocks can lead to dramatic business growth or what they call “overnight success”. Of course, this won’t happen after answering three journaling prompts or after one money blocks release session, but after consistent mindset and energetic work, at one point it will all feel like it was literally overnight. 

Probably the most significant change is an increase in opportunities. You’ll start to notice that new clients, projects, and revenue streams come your way more easily. This is because something switched inside and you’re no longer repelling abundance, but attracting it. 

Opportunities that once seemed out of reach will start to appear and feel more attainable, and you’ll find it easier to bring in consistent, high ticket clients. This shift can lead to more revenue and the ability to achieve your money goals more quickly.

Another big benefit is enhanced creativity. It’s pretty obvious in a way that when you’re not constantly worrying about money, you have more mental space to be creative. Creativity is a feminine energy which directly allows you to attract even more money your way. 


What happens if you don’t clear your money blocks?

what happens if you don't clear your money blocks

Not so fun things, lol. Here are 10 things you can expect to continue in your life if you don’t actively work on shifting your relationship with money. 

1. Struggling to Pay Bills:

You know, that constant never-ending worry about covering business expenses that leads to all those sleepless nights. 

2. Charging Too Little:

Probably the most common money block in the world of entrepreneurship and needs no further explanation. 

3. Avoiding Investments:

The fear of spending money will keep you from investing in tools, training, or resources that could help your business grow faster and easier.

4. Negative Attitude Towards Money:

You tend to always see money as a problem or source of stress, rather than a tool for growth.

5. Procrastinating Financial Tasks:

It totally hurts your cash flow when you’re putting off tasks like invoicing or budgeting because they trigger anxiety.

6. Stagnant Business Growth:

Your business might stop growing because fears and doubts keep you from taking the necessary risks to expand.

7. Difficulty Attracting Clients:

When you don’t believe in the value of your own services, it can be really hard to manifest clients who do, especially high-ticket ones.

8. Low Confidence:

Constantly doubting your financial decisions can erode your confidence, making it hard to be a leader in your business and community.

9. High Stress Levels:

Ongoing money worries can lead to stress and all sorts of health issues, even autoimmune diseases.

10. Missing Out on Opportunities:

You might miss out on amazing opportunities for growth because of fear.

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Can you completely clear all your money blocks?

Yes and no. 

Yes, you can make significant progress in completely removing/releasing certain money blocks and you can go from complete poverty to multi-millionaire. 

No, you may not be able to clear all your money blocks completely. You can work on all money blocks, but clearing them completely is a bit unrealistic given their very complex nature and the nature of our Universe. 

Money blocks are deeply rooted beliefs and patterns that have developed over many years or even many lifetimes. Because these blocks are ingrained in your subconscious and the very fabric of who you are, they can resurface even after you’ve worked hard to address them.

This is not necessarily bad. There are always new layers to uncover of the same limiting beliefs. It’s how the Universe works. 

I like to tell my clients that “every new revenue level will require a new version of you, with upgraded beliefs and all.”

So, you can be grateful for when the same money blocks resurface because it can (and does) mean that you’re about to uplevel. Or, you can be miserable and think you’re doing something wrong with your life, which is complete BS. 

It’s your choice. 

One last thing, as you grow and your business evolves, it’s normal for new money blocks can show up. What you might have cleared at one stage of your business could resurface in a different form as you face new challenges. It’s a continuous, wonderful, process. 

Ready to start clearing your biggest money block today? Listen to my free Hypnosis here and it will help you manifest your revenue goal. 


Which chakra blocks money?

which chakra blocks money root chakra

The chakra that is most linked to money and financial stability is the ROOT CHAKRA. This chakra represents our foundation in life and feelings of security. When it’s open and balanced, you feel safe, grounded and confident in managing your finances effectively, be that in business or life in general. 

On the other hand, when the root chakra is blocked, it can lead to constant money stress, worries about paying the bills, losing money and problems with manifesting new clients or retaining current ones. 

Feeling a sense of unworthiness when it comes to success in business is another big sign of this chakra being blocked. It’s hard to have constant $10k months when you’re sending out a vibe of “I don’t deserve this”.


How to unblock money chakra?

Grounding activities can help you balance or unblock your Root Chakra. Things like spending time in nature, walking barefoot or yin yoga, to name a few. Meditation sessions that are focused on your Root Chakra can help as well, simply visualize a bright red (this chakra’s color) light at the very base of your spine. 

Affirmations are useful to unblock any chakra, so try saying things like “My business is grounded and I am financially secure” or “I open myself up to receive consistent clients”.

Listening to solfeggio frequencies is one of my all-time favorite practices because it requires zero work (haha). The 396 Hz frequency is directly related to your Root Chakra because it helps release fear, guilt and shame, thereby fostering a sense of safety and security in all areas of your life, not just finances. Here’s a Youtube video to listen to while sleeping, like my husband and I do. 

Lastly, you can play with crystals in order to balance this chakra. Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline and Hermatite are the most recommended ones for healing the Root Chakra. 


Reach Your Revenue Goals by Releasing Your Biggest Money Blocks

Whether it’s shame of charging your worth, constantly over-delivering or believing that more money leads to more stress, this hypnosis will guide you to release whatever is blocking you from building a business you love telling people about.

You deserve a business that SUPPORTS you month after month in living your dream life without sacrificing your mental health, spending time with your loved ones or traveling the world.

Roswitha Herman Manifesting Money Coach


What are examples of positive money beliefs?

It’s time to talk some positivity in this article.

Here are 20 positive money beliefs to get you started: 

1. Money is a tool for doing good.

2. I can learn and become great with money.

3. Rich people can be generous and kind.

4. I deserve to be wealthy and successful.

5. Making money can be easy and enjoyable.

6. I offer great value and can charge accordingly.

7. There’s always more than enough money.

8. I can protect and grow my wealth wisely.

9. I can be both spiritual and wealthy.

10. Money can bring out the best in people.

11. Success comes from my skills and hard work, not just education.

12. Any age is the perfect age to be financially successful.

13. Wanting more money allows me to help more people.

14. I can achieve financial freedom and be debt-free.

15. I can create wealth without overworking.

16. I can learn to manage money effectively.

17. I am worthy of financial abundance.

18. I am capable of achieving success beyond my wildest dreams.

19. True friends will support my financial growth.

20. Money is important for creating a better life and helping others.


What are examples of positive money beliefs for entrepreneurs?

And here are 20 positive beliefs specifically “designed” for entrepreneurs: 

1. Money enables me to invest in my business and create positive change.

2. I can master financial management to grow my business.

3. Successful entrepreneurs can be generous and impactful.

4. I deserve to build a thriving and profitable business.

5. Growing my business can be straightforward and enjoyable.

6. My services and products are valuable, and I can charge what they’re worth.

7. There are endless financial opportunities for my business.

8. I can secure and expand my business wealth wisely.

9. I can be both a successful entrepreneur and stay true to my values.

10. Wealth enhances my ability to make a positive impact through my business.

11. My success stems from my skills, innovation, and hard work.

12. At any age, I can achieve financial success in my business.

13. Earning more money allows me to reinvest in my business and support others.

14. I can lead my business to financial freedom and eliminate debt.

15. I can build a prosperous business without sacrificing my well-being.

16. I can learn and apply effective money management in my business.

17. My business deserves financial abundance.

18. I am fully capable of achieving entrepreneurial success.

19. My true friends and network support my business growth.

20.Money is crucial for expanding my business and helping others.


How to actually remove money blocks?

Okay, now for the “fun” part of actually removing your money blocks so your business can thrive and for you to experience a joyful, abundant life. Here are 11 ways to do so, organized for beginners, intermediate users and advanced ones. 

Beginner Techniques

1. Journaling:

Grab your notebook and jot down your thoughts and feelings about money. Go deep, go behind the surface and you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find.

Don’t underestimate this practice because it’s so simple. Journaling is incredibly powerful. Personally, I’ve been doing it almost daily since 2012. 

2. Affirmations and Mantras:

Affirmations are still one of the easiest ways to get started when it comes to working on your mindset or manifesting your business goals. The trick is to find affirmations that you BELIEVE because the emotion behind the affirmation is more important than the affirmation itself.

Repeat them daily and write them on your mirror. Here’s a good one to get you started “Clients come to me in unexpected ways and they always pay me on time”.

3. Gratitude Practice:

A bit cliche these days, but gratitude has transformative power. Count your blessings daily. Several times per day, if you wish. And if you can reach even higher, for the vibration of APPRECIATION, you’ll manifest your money goals even faster. This easy practice shifts your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

4. Mindfulness and Meditation:

Becoming aware of our (toxic) thoughts is the most important step to shifting our money blocks. That’s where meditation comes into place. The new-found awareness can help you identify patterns so you can release them for good. 

To get you started, you can download my financial abundance meditation here.

Intermediate Techniques

5. Aromatherapy:

Who doesn’t like a good essential oil, right?! You can use essential oils like patchouli, cinnamon, and basil to create an atmosphere of prosperity around your house or working space. 

6. Crystal Healing:

Crystals like citrine, pyrite, and green aventurine, are known for their wealth-attracting properties. Meditate with them or simply carry them with you. I like to wear them as necklaces, for example. Don’t forget to charge them during full moons. 

7. Bodywork:

Recent research suggests that our beliefs are more than thoughts in our minds, they are physical energy in our body, nervous system, fascia, muscles, meridians etc. Treating yourself to a massage, acupuncture, or yoga session to release physical tension and energetic blocks can have a huge impact on your mindset.

8. Voice Activation:

Humming is directly linked to activating and toning the vagus nerve, which is in charge of our relaxation, internal organs function, heart rate, digestion and even respiratory rate.

You can also take your money affirmations a step further and start SINGING them. This will help clear throat chakra blockages and open you up for abundance, especially when it comes to charging your worth.

Advanced Techniques

9. Energy Healing:

As I’ve previously said in this article, money blocks are energy in our physical body more than thoughts in our minds. Practices like Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Theta Healing can clear out negative energy and unblock the flow of abundance.

You can grab my EFT Tapping Bundle that will help you release these money blocks:

  • Release the Fear of being Judged & Criticized if you Become Successful.
  • Release the Belief in Limited Pool of Clients.
  • Release the Belief that More Money Equals Stress.
  • Release Fear that Charging More will Make you Lose Clients.

Grab the EFT Bundle here!

Also, I specialize in guiding my clients to release money blocks through Theta Healing. Email me and let’s chat to see if you qualify to become my private client. 

10. Hypnosis:

I love hypnosis. It’s incredibly powerful and can help you access parts of your subconscious mind that you never knew existed. Hypnosis can truly reprogram your mind with positive beliefs about wealth.

You can get started with my free 35min hypnosis here. It will help you manifest your revenue goals by releasing your biggest money block. 

11.Past Life Money Blocks Releases:

And now for some really advanced stuff. You can actually explore your past lives to uncover and heal old money traumas and blocks. This fascinating technique can help you release blocks carried over from previous incarnations. If you want to give this a go, you can book a session with me here.

Getting consistent clients and reaching your money goals is 80% about your BELIEFS.

Go grab that powerful FREE 35min Hypnosis and shift your money story for good!

Roswitha Herman Manifesting Money Coach with logos


Roswitha Herman is your go-to expert for transforming your relationship with MONEY.

Since 2023, I have been developing my own Releasing Money Blocks method, which combines parts of all other techniques I am certified in (EFT/TFT, Ho'oponopono, Eden method, Theta healing, Sedona method, Heart wall method, to name a few).

This is what I do with my private clients when we release blocks on DNA, soul level, past lives level, subconscious mind, cells + organs in the body, nervous system, and mindset level.

My BIG GOAL NOW, is to
guide 100 women entrepreneurs create a 6-fig business, even if they are just making $2,000/mo from their passion business.

Ready to take the first step?

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Seriously now, why wait? Go grab that powerful FREE 35min Hypnosis and reach your money goals!