High Ticket Services: 4 Money Beliefs Limiting Your Success

Roswitha Herman - Business & Money Coach

Roswitha Herman

Friday, 7th June 2024

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High ticket services 4 money blocks limiting your success

If you’re here you’ve probably scratched your head quite a few times about taking the leap into high ticket services.

Am I right?! Of course I am.

I’ve read a ton of articles and chatted with several mentors every time I raised my prices.

With high ticket items and services the risks are bigger (in the beginning) but the rewards are worth it. Let’s dive in!

We’ve all heard that “you get what you pay for,” right? Well, psychology backs this up too. Studies suggest that when people invest more, they’re more committed to the outcome.

According to Dr. Jane Summers, a psychologist specializing in consumer behavior, “When clients pay a premium, they’re not just investing money; they’re investing emotionally and mentally, which can lead them to value and engage with the service more deeply.”

I’m here to walk you through the four sneaky money blocks that are probably standing in the way of you earning 7 figures or more. We’ll break them down one by one, filling you up with the know-how and pep talks needed to smash those barriers.

Whether it’s understanding the big mental shift for premium pricing or tackling all your burning questions about stepping into the high-ticket arena, I’ve got your back.

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Key Takeaways

  • High ticket services can dramatically enhance your earnings by attracting clients who value quality and are committed to their goals.

  • Transitioning to high ticket offerings requires a mindset shift, recognizing the deep value you provide and overcoming fears associated with premium pricing.

  • Common money blocks like fearing high prices will scare potential clients away often prevent entrepreneurs from charging what they’re truly worth.

  • The fear of not being expert enough to charge more can be dismantled by acknowledging your successes and the transformative impact you’ve had on clients.

  • Offering high ticket services doesn’t necessarily mean higher pressure; setting clear boundaries and managing client expectations effectively can alleviate stress.

  • Charging premium prices doesn’t require you to be available 24/7; establishing and communicating clear boundaries can help manage client expectations and protect your time.

  • Clients who invest in high ticket products and services are generally more committed and bring a more serious approach to the engagement, enhancing the results and satisfaction on both sides.

  • Embracing high ticket services allows for a better work-life balance, enabling you to work less while earning more, thus improving your overall quality of life.

  • Addressing and removing money blocks involves various strategies like reframing beliefs, using hypnosis and meditation, learning how to manifest and engaging with supportive practices like EFT tapping.

  • Continuously working on your money mindset, including through journaling and coaching programs, is crucial to overcoming the deep-seated beliefs that limit your financial growth.

Ready to enter the high ticket sales market and totally transform your business? Let’s get started!

Setting the stage: why high ticket services?

Ever wonder what it feels like to not just increase your revenue, but to skyrocket your profits through services that TRANSFORM lives? Imagine shifting from the hustle and grind of high volume to the joy of high value.

High-ticket services aren’t just about premium prices. They’re about offering something so impactful that your clients can’t help but feel they’re getting the deal of a lifetime.

Clients who value your worth

Let’s ponder on the last time you worked with a client who truly valued your expertise. Felt good, right? Feels good just thinking about it ha?! Now, picture a whole roster of clients who not only respect you, but are also fully invested in their own transformation. 

High-ticket clients are never just buying a service; they are investing in a partnership. They’re investing in support. They value support and know how important it is regarding the industry you’re active in.

These are the clients who show up and are ready to do the hard work. They respect your time and often become your biggest advocates. 

Live more. Work less

Now, let’s get real about the quality of your life. Scaling up doesn’t have to mean packing your schedule to the brim. With high-ticket offerings, you can dramatically reduce your client load and still increase your revenue. I like to think about “what would I do with a few extra hours each week?”

Maybe take that yoga class, pick up a new hobby, or just enjoy some well-deserved ‘me’ time? Embracing high-ticket services means you can reclaim your time and live the life of your dreams without waiting to start living after 65. 

The Psychological leap from standard to premium pricing

Moving to premium pricing isn’t just about slapping higher numbers on your services—it’s about embracing and owning the transformation you bring to your clients. Pause for a moment and think: when have your services truly changed the course for someone? I always like to assert the value of my work with a powerful declaration to myself: “My skills change lives.”

Feel free to steal (and print) this declaration.

Now, consider this: Do you deeply believe in the transformative power of your services? How many more people could you help if you were fueled not by financial survival but by thriving resources? Isn’t it time you allowed yourself to flourish financially as much as you enable your clients to succeed?

Client psychology and decision making

The most important aspect of succeeding in the high ticket offerings market is understanding the psychology behind clients’ decisions. Ever wondered what goes through a client’s mind when considering a premium service? It’s not just about whether they can afford it; it’s about whether they see the value in such a significant investment.

To take it a step further: affordability comes last because they value other things more than money AND because they’re not usually living in survival mode.

Clients considering high-ticket products and services often weigh the potential return on investment. They ask themselves, “Will this service truly transform my business or personal life?” Your job is to make them feel a resounding “Yes!” in every fiber of their being.

A practical step to enhancing your clients’ decision-making process is to use testimonials and case studies effectively. Real-life examples of success boost your credibility. They also lower the barriers to making a big investment. 

Remember, high-ticket clients aren’t just buying a service; they are investing in an outcome and in support. Make sure that every communication from your end reinforces how transformational your services are.

Expert insights on pricing psychology 

Dr. Emma Lopez, a renowned psychologist specializing in consumer behavior, notes that clients often equate price with quality. High-ticket services can leverage this perception to position themselves at the top of the market.

This is supported by various studies on consumer psychology, which indicate that higher prices can lead to greater perceived value and engagement from clients.

She emphasizes that when clients pay more, they often engage more seriously, leading to better outcomes—a key psychological factor in high-ticket sales.

*article continues after the freebie below


Reach Your Revenue Goals by Releasing Your Biggest Money Blocks

Whether it’s shame of charging your worth, constantly over-delivering or believing that more money leads to more stress, this hypnosis will guide you to release whatever is blocking you from building a business you love telling people about.

You deserve a business that SUPPORTS you month after month in living your dream life without sacrificing your mental health, spending time with your loved ones or traveling the world.

Roswitha Herman Manifesting Money Coach

How do money blocks sabotage your success with high ticket clients

Did you ever try marketing strategy after marketing strategy, yet something invisible seems to hold you back? It’s baffling, isn’t it? Makes you think “what the hell is wrong with me.”

You bought a new course, you’re applying everything perfectly yet, for you, results don’t seem to appear. It can almost feel like a curse. 

More often than not, it’s not just about the strategies we choose but the internal dialogues we’re not even fully aware of. Our deep-seated beliefs shape our reactions in subtle ways and, if they’re toxic, sabotage our success in business, especially when we’re talking high ticket. 

Imagine having an invisible filter that skews your perception to match your fears rather than reality—yes, that’s the confirmation bias at work!

Now, let’s dive into something even more fascinating—neuroplasticity. It’s probably not the first time you hear that you can rewire your brain to foster (more) empowering beliefs about money, success, health or any other area of your life. I like to think of it like performing a software upgrade on my mindset to ensure I am not just working hard, but also smart.

But just like with software upgrades, we postpone it indefinitely, right?! 

Consider this: if your underlying belief equates more money with more problems, you’re going to have a hard time staying consistent with certain marketing or high ticket sales strategies that can scale your business.

These sabotages won’t show up in obvious ways, they usually show up as manifesting health issues, relationship problems, suits or anything else that can be a “valid excuse” to not focus on your business growth. 

These aren’t just simple fears. They’re complex outdated programs that run in the background of your mind, manipulating your decisions so you can stay safe, in the comfort of what’s familiar and usually, small. 

This is where working with the nervous system comes into play, which offers us a much deeper level of transformation than mindset work.

By activating your nervous system in new ways, you can help your body and mind shift from anxiety to calm, confidence and excitement about high-ticket sales. How? Through simple practices to stimulate the vagus nerve such as deep breathing, meditation, humming, gargling, cold showers etc. 

Mindset work has become a huge buzzword in the past decade, but unfortunately is nowhere near enough to really shift beliefs that were created in your childhood, during traumatic events. In fact, recent research suggests that our mind responds to what happens in our nervous system, not the other way around. 

So, healing the stress in your nervous system while you work on your mindset, can be a more powerful way to shift any toxic belief. You can step this up even further by releasing your limiting money beliefs on deeper levels: from your DNA, cells, energetic system, soul or even from past lives. 

This is what I offer in my private coaching program and it’s very transformative. Email me to see if you qualify for my 1:1 program. Note: this is not overnight success. I only work with clients for six months or more so we can achieve lasting change. 

This is no BS.

Science is slowly catching up with the fact that we’re capable of accessing states of consciousness that can truly alter our beliefs and ultimately our reality. Unlike popular belief, your high ticket sales success starts in your nervous system.

Oh, one more thing: you might want to read this article to deepen your understanding of money blocks: 20+ Hottest Money Blocks Questions Answered.

Before we dive deeper into the money blocks...

Let me answer some quick burning questions about high ticket services


What are high ticket clients?

High ticket clients are the superstars of your client list, the kind who don’t blink at premium prices because they know the outstanding value you’re bringing to the table.

These aren’t just any customers. They’re your ideal clients, the ones you’ve added to your dream board years ago. These people are ready to invest in their growth and get the results that (only) you can provide.

Imagine a client who not only pays premium but is fully engaged. Imagine clients who bring a proactive attitude to every session, and treat your business relationship with the respect it deserves.

They’re the ones who appreciate the exhaustive support, the insider knowledge, network access or those VIP days that make them feel like royalty. Plus, they’re likely to shout your praises from the rooftops. Effortless referrals are the best referrals.


What is considered a high ticket service?

High ticket services are like all-access, backstage passes. You’re not just paying for the service, you’re investing in an experience and, above all, in a support system. Imagine this: exclusive and tailor-made 1:1 coaching sessions focused on your unique challenges, plus direct access to a coach’s (or mentor’s) invaluable network. And that’s just the start.

You could get entry to specialized courses tailored just for high rollers like you, ongoing support that feels like having a business bestie on speed dial, and even VIP days where you spend quality time soaking up wisdom directly from your mentor.

Think of masterminds with other high achievers, special discounts on future services, access to exclusive retreats where the learning continues in luxurious settings, and sometimes, even personalized follow-ups to keep you on track.


How can high ticket services enhance business growth?

High ticket services are a game-changer for scaling an existing business. You stop trying to please everyone and you start focusing on pure TRANSFORMATION for a select group of people.

This shift allows you to pour more attention and resources into each client. And, like with everything, focus brings better and faster results for you and for your customers.

This business model not only multiplies your revenue per client but also elevates your brand. With more time to serve and less stress about volume (or pleasing), you can create bespoke solutions that truly resonate with your tribe. 

This model of pricing and doing business also leads to BETTER results for your clients which is, ultimately, what we all want. Happy clients lead to more leads which leads to higher ROI.

Next stop: the actual money blocks. Ready??? I said "are you reaaaaaaady???"


"High ticket prices will scare clients away"

High ticket prices will scare clients away

Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “If I raise my prices, my clients will surely run for the hills.” Trust me, you’re not alone in this! It’s a pretty common fear among us, business owners, especially when we’re considering a move into the high ticket sales market.

But here’s a little secret that I’ve learned the hard way: while high prices might scare off some, they attract the exact type of clients you dream about. Yes, those who value quality and are ready to invest in serious results.

Take a moment to think about it. Isn’t it better to work with a few clients who truly appreciate the quality of your services than to juggle a crowd that haggles over every single penny? When you set your prices high, you’re not just pricing your service; you’re setting the standard for the value you deliver.

And yes, this can actually filter out the less serious inquiries and draw in those who are committed and excited about what you offer. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of clientele you’d love to wake up to?

Raising your prices isn’t about turning people away; it’s about inviting the right people in. It’s about believing in your worth and watching your business blossom because of it.

So next time that little voice in your head whispers doubts and fears about raising your rates, remind yourself this. “I am not just selling a service, I am offering a transformation.” And that, honey, is worth every penny and more.

And now, a powerful visualization exercise to help you shift this money block.

"Close your eyes and take a deep, calming breath. Imagine yourself in a warm, inviting room filled with positive energy. You’re meeting your dream client, who walks in with a bright smile and genuine excitement.

As you passionately share the incredible value and transformation your high-ticket service offers, you see their eyes sparkle with understanding and eagerness.

They’re nodding, fully appreciating the worth of what you provide. Feel their trust and confidence in investing in themselves through your service. Whisper to yourself: 'My clients joyfully see the value in my high-ticket prices and are thrilled to invest.'

Take another deep breath, feeling the warmth of this positive connection, and carry this uplifting energy with you."

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"I am not expert enough to charge high ticket"

high ticket services I am not expert enough

Let’s think of top athletes for a moment. Did you ever notice how they don’t shy away from the spotlight when stepping onto the field or court?

Really think about professional athletes like Serena Williams or Simone Biles charging into their arenas with confidence, fully aware of the value they bring to the table. 

If they don’t undervalue their skills or underprice their endorsements, why should you?!

Just like in sports, where athletes develop their skills through rigorous training and practice, your expertise as a coach or service provider evolves with each client whose dream you help achieve. If Serena doubts her serve before a match, it could cost her the game. When you doubt your expertise, you will undercharge, which directly impacts your business growth and mental health.

Isn’t it true that we’re often our own toughest critics?! It’s a classic scenario: you investigate every detail of your performance, focusing on the one thing that didn’t go perfectly, while overlooking countless successes.

This self-critical pattern can distort your perception of yourself and your skills, making you believe you’re not qualified to make high ticket sales. But let’s set the record straight: in 99% of cases, this feeling of not being ‘expert enough’ is just a mirage, a trick your mind plays on you to keep you small, struggling and, in a weird way, safe.

Why safe? Because the “known” is always safer than the “unknown” (in this case: high ticket services). 

Let’s break it down even further. How often have you delivered results that genuinely impacted your clients’ success? Think about the breakthroughs they’ve had, the goals they’ve smashed, and the transformations they’ve experienced under your guidance.

These aren’t flukes; they’re proof of your expertise and the value you bring to the table. Just like an athlete doesn’t become a pro overnight, neither did you. Your skills were built through dedication, results, and real-world impact, not through an endless loop of self-doubt.

Will there always be more to learn? Of course, but that’s not a good enough reason to not offer high ticket services NOW.

So, next time that nagging voice tells you you’re not expert enough, remember this: you’re judging yourself far more harshly than anyone else would. I’d even bet my business that your potential clients are nowhere near as critical of you as you are.

It’s time to silence that voice, and by silence I mean to compassionately understand its purpose AND show her a different perspective. Start charging like a champion.

And now, a powerful visualization exercise to help you shift this money block.

"Close your eyes and take a soothing, deep breath. Imagine yourself standing on a beautiful stage, bathed in warm, golden light. The audience is filled with clients who admire and respect you. You confidently share your knowledge and expertise, and you can see the genuine appreciation in their eyes.

They nod and take notes, excited to learn from you. Feel the confidence and joy radiating from you as you realize the impact you’re making. Whisper to yourself: “I am an expert in my field, and my clients are eager to invest in the value I provide through my high ticket services.” Take another deep breath, feeling the empowerment and confidence, and carry this uplifting energy with you."


"High ticket services equals high pressure"

High ticket services equals high pressure

Are you worried that stepping up to high ticket services is like turning on the pressure cooker? So was I. It’s a common worry but fortunately, in reality things are much different. With careful preparation and a change in perspective, you can release at least 50% of the pressure and deliver spectacular results. 

Think about it—does charging more truly mean more stress? Not necessarily. High ticket services often mean you’re dealing with clients who are committed to their own success, which can actually lead to more fulfillment for both parties.

The beauty is that when you work with premium clients who truly commit to your work and their goals, your work feels more impactful and less like a grind.

Now, it’s true that high ticket clients might have high expectations, but isn’t that something you can manage? Absolutely! Don’t shy away simply because it’s hard, but rather learn to let boundaries and communicate effectively right from the beginning.

Clearly define the scope of work, always set achievable milestones, and be transparent about what your service does and does not include. This early-on transparency builds trust and respect, which is what long-term relationships are made of.

As you scale to premium services, remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Building a support system—whether it’s hiring a virtual assistant, collaborating with other professionals, or using better tools—can significantly decrease the pressure. Still part of the support system is a mentor, a coach, a therapist, supportive family members and friends who can help you process negative experiences. 

(hey hey, feel free to email me if you want to work 1:1 with me to release your money blocks on DNA, cellular, soul and past lives levels) 

Vitamins and supplements to help your nervous system, exercise or regular vacations are also part of a healthy support system. 

Delegating tasks like scheduling, follow-ups, or even certain aspects of client work can free you up to focus on what you do best. Why do you think pro athletes have a whole team around them? So they can focus on the game, not on managing every logistical detail.

With these strategies in hand, you’re not just selling at a higher price point; you’re building a business that’s equipped to handle growth gracefully and sustainably.

And now, a powerful visualization exercise to help you shift this money block.

"Close your eyes and take a deep, calming breath. Picture yourself sitting in a cozy, quiet park. You’re meeting a client who is happy and excited to see you. As you talk about your high-ticket service, they listen with a big smile, understanding how it can help them.

They feel calm and trust you completely, seeing this as a great chance to grow and achieve their dreams. Whisper to yourself: “High-ticket sales bring clients who value and trust me. We work together in a relaxed and positive way. Clients respect my boundaries and I serve them with joy.”

Take another deep breath, feeling the calm and positive energy, and carry this peaceful feeling with you."


"I must be available all the time if I offer high ticket services"

high ticket services I must be available all the time

Ever felt like charging top dollar means you’ve got to be glued to your phone, ready to jump at every notification? I get it.

If you ask for higher fees, it feels like you should be available all the time, right? But here’s the real truth: charging more doesn’t mean you give up on your personal life, hobbies, family, travel and everything is important to you just to please a client. Quite the opposite, actually.

Think of it this way: high ticket is not about giving more time; it’s about providing incredible value during the time you are available. Setting clear boundaries right from the start is a necessity, not a luxury. It shows you respect your own time and teaches your clients to do the same.

Not to mention that these types of clients are usually attracted, even aroused, by people with high self-respect and self-esteem.

And remember, emergencies on their part do not automatically require emergencies on yours. You’re a consultant, not a firefighter. It’s totally okay to respond during your set hours.

Implementing a structured schedule doesn’t just help you avoid burning out; it also makes your high ticket service more professional, organized and reliable. Trust me, your clients will appreciate the structure and the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly when and how they can reach you.

And now, a powerful visualization exercise to help you shift this money block.

"Close your eyes and take a deep, calming breath. Picture yourself enjoying a sunny day at the beach, feeling relaxed and free. Imagine your phone ringing, and it’s your favorite client, calling to thank you for your amazing high-ticket service.

They say they appreciate your work so much that they understand and respect your need for personal time. They value quality over constant availability.

Whisper to yourself: “I provide great service and set healthy boundaries. My clients respect and value my time.” Take another deep breath, feeling relaxed and appreciated, and carry this positive energy with you."

How to actually remove your money blocks

Ahhhh, we’ve identified some sneaky money blocks today, right? Identifying is only the first step. Let’s see how we can actually shift and remove them. Here’s a cozy little step-by-step guide.

Reframe your beliefs

Think of it this way—if your bestie told you she felt unworthy of success, you’d jump right in to correct her, right? It’s time to be your own bestie. For instance, if you believe, “I can’t earn more than I currently do,” flip that to “My potential is unlimited, and I’m attracting new opportunities to earn more every day.”

Try hypnosis and meditation

Oh, and speaking of changing your life, have you tried that free 35-minute hypnosis session I mentioned quite a few times throughout this article? It’s designed to help you smash through your biggest money blocks and manifest your revenue goals. It might just be the game-changer you need. Did I mention that it’s free?!

Get the hypnosis here!

What about EFT tapping?

And if you’re really ready to get down to the nitty-gritty, my EFT Tapping Bundle is there to help. EFT tapping has been life changing for me and I’ve been doing this since 2011. I even became a certified tapping practitioner so I can create these videos for my fellow entrepreneurs.

We’re talking about tackling fears like fear of charging more (hello high ticket clients), believing in scarcity, fear of being judged and that more money equals stress. You can get it here

Work with a coach (maybe me?!)

Sometimes, we need that extra nudge or a deeper dive into what’s really holding us back. If you’re already making at least $5,000 a month and you’re ready to level up, shoot me an email.

We’ll work on releasing those blocks on multiple levels—from your nervous system, energetic system, DNA, cells, soul and even from past lives. I guarantee you’ve never done a deeper work on yourself. 

Journal. Journal. Journal. 

Don’t underestimate the power of jotting down your thoughts and victories. Take a moment every day to discuss with yourself and try to really understand where certain beliefs are coming from. Remember, becoming aware of your blocks is probably 50% of the work. 

Phew, that’s a wrap! Remember, tackling these blocks is all about taking that first small, but mighty, step. 

Now, all that’s left for you to do is to share this article with a biz bestie.

Getting consistent clients and reaching your money goals is 80% about your BELIEFS.

Go grab that powerful FREE 35min Hypnosis and shift your money story for good!

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Roswitha Herman is your go-to expert for transforming your relationship with MONEY.

Since 2023, I have been developing my own Releasing Money Blocks method, which combines parts of all other techniques I am certified in (EFT/TFT, Ho'oponopono, Eden method, Theta healing, Sedona method, Heart wall method, to name a few).

This is what I do with my private clients when we release blocks on DNA, soul level, past lives level, subconscious mind, cells + organs in the body, nervous system, and mindset level.

My BIG GOAL NOW, is to
guide 100 women entrepreneurs create a 6-fig business, even if they are just making $2,000/mo from their passion business.

Ready to take the first step?

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