Printable Diary for a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Fulfilled Woman

Over the years, I’ve tested lots of self-development exercises and most of them helped me live a happier and more successful life. However, I’ve only included in this diary those few exercises that played the most important role in my life and in the life of others so you can get great results without having to spend that much time researching.

Each of the exercises that you find in the diary has a great power of improving certain areas of your life, but together they have the power of changing your whole life if you do them regularly!

This is a printable 28-days planner that is also a diary and self-development journal. You can print it out each month and use it forever.

We donate a percentage of each sale to the charities we support – Charity Water and Pencils of Promise.



“Being familiar with Roswitha´s work as a health coach and seen her determination and dedication to achieve her plans and goals, my expectations were quite high when I heard that she is working on her first product – the Lifestyle Diary. And I didn´t have to be disappointed! The diary is practical and easy to follow, helping you to organize your daily tasks and weekly shopping plans. 

Moreover, it helps you to see your life as a whole and set goals to be more balanced. What I would like to point out as my favorites are these inspiring quotes for every new day and a gratitude list – it reminds us to be grateful every day and helps us to have a positive mindset constantly. After a month with this diary, you will start to see your life in a different way and will be more organized, more satisfied and more balanced. It´s worth a try!” (Eva Kumpas)

“Great easy to use self-improvement calendar created by Roswitha. The calendar helps you pinpoint the areas of your life you need to work on. Through breaking down your goals to smaller sub-goals, it will very doable to achieve your goals. The calendar is great to use for daily self-reflection, to see what was good, which bad habits you broke or which bad habits you fell back into. A great way to understand your bad habits, break them and replace them with new healthy habits.” (Malin Andersson)

Dana Bindea, one of my private clients, holding the diary.

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Amazon Best Seller “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed”

A 5 step process that will help you gain clarity, clear self-sabotages and create a life & career plan that you can stick to.

This book is for you if you want to:

  • get clear about your desires (not what your parents, friends, teachers or society want from you)
  • find your WHY (your why is the fire that will keep burning until your desire is accomplished)
  • figure out what stops you from achieving what you want (sabotages, mindset blocks, limiting beliefs)
  • know how to love yourself more (you cannot give something you don’t have. Self-love is one of the most important pillars of a joyful life)
  • learn how to focus (this book will teach you about the INaction concept)


If you feel you have a great purpose in life but you are not quite sure which one is it then this book is for you. It will help you focus on your goals and true desires and give you clarity in all areas of your life.” (Andreea Belean)

This book is an eye opener. It’s incredibly helpful for someone who lost their way and cannot see a way out. This book will help you find your path because it raises awareness. Plus, Roswitha offers so much guidance through all the examples that perfectly match what she is teaching. I loved it!” (Alejandra Rawan Jeitan – Health Coach – www.alexandrajeitan.com)

No matter where you are in your life, this book is more than a nice read. If you have a job and you are happy, it will still help you to wish for more and understand what “more” is. If you are unfulfilled, you will find your inner peace that is so needed in order to find the courage to make a change.
And if you are in the spot where I was when I read the book, confused about which way to go, this book will help you prioritize and have everything clear. “ (Ioana Gabrian)

It’s the sort of book I wish I read in my early 20s when things felt so confusing and I had no clue who I was or what the hell the next step was supposed to be.” (Ionela Spinu)

“If you are planning to see a psychologist because you have depression, feeling bad, etc, I recommend you to read this book first. It’s a lot cheaper than going to a psychologist and it can actually work good for you. I definitely would recommend this to some of my friends.” (Vesa Darius)

“Truly one of the best books I’ve read! And what I probably loved the most about it, is that it doesn’t make you feel broken. Roswitha offers an incredible strategy to gain more clarity on what you really wish to do with your life and her real-life examples are vulnerable and so helpful.

Plus, her take on inspired action is invaluable!” (George Mihaila)

“I wish I read this book in my early 20’s! Roswitha incorporates Science into the bigger picture which, I absolutely love. Her writing is so relatable, fun to read, and easy to understand.

If you are young, creative, and confused about what you want to do then this is a perfect book for you. Roswitha is absolutely brilliant and an amazing woman to learn from.” (Danielle Desiree Gomez)

“Reading this book is like starting a new journey. Is a long ride but you are not alone. The author is making her presence in each step of the chapters. Is like a having a meaningful conversation with a friend in wich you find answers and solutions for your challenges. Roswitha is there to help you and to encourage to seek greatness within you. I totally recommend this book!” (Mihai D.)