What is a Money Mindset: Definition. Examples. Resources for Entrepreneurs

Roswitha Herman - Business & Money Coach

Roswitha Herman

Sunday, 30th June 2024

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What is a money mindset definition examples resources

If you came here wondering "what is a money mindset", I guarantee you'll leave with clarity and much more than you hoped for.

Ever wondered why some business decisions around money feel like a breeze, while others seem to stall you? That’s where your money mindset plays a critical role.

It’s essentially your underlying beliefs about money—how you earn it, manage it, and grow it in your business.

Let's explore what is a money mindset along with examples and resources for cultivating a healthy mindset.


This is what we'll cover in this article. Feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most, although I highly recommend reading the whole piece.

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What is a money mindset: definition

A money mindset is all about how you think and feel about money in your business. It’s like a set of glasses you wear that color how you see money—whether it’s something you feel confident managing, growing, and investing, or something that brings you stress.

This mindset shapes every decision you make, from setting your prices to how you handle profits and losses. Simply put, it’s the vibe you carry about money, and it can seriously influence your business success.

Let’s dive a little deeper. A money mindset isn’t just about whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic about finances. It influences every strategic move you make, from how you price your services to how you plan your business growth.

For instance, when you were setting prices for your latest service, did you aim high, valuing your worth, or did a little voice inside urge you to go lower to attract more clients?

Your money mindset is shaped by various factors—your past experiences with money, the financial beliefs you picked up during childhood, and even the subtle cues from the market and industry norms. It’s ingrained, and shifting it isn’t straightforward.

However, the power of a positive money mindset can’t be underestimated—it can either propel you towards lucrative opportunities or block your path to scaling your business.

If you often catch yourself thinking that profit margins are just about cutting costs, or if investing back into the business seems daunting, you’re not alone. These beliefs are common roadblocks that prevent business growth.

But here’s the kicker: by realigning your money mindset to one of abundance and possibility, you set the foundation for transformative success in business. It means making financial decisions from a place of confidence and vision, not restriction.

It also means manifesting money and clients with much more ease than ever before.

What is a money mindset: psychology behind it

what is a money mindset psychology behind it

Picture this: you’re a smart, talented woman with a killer business idea. But there’s this voice in your head, a remnant of old psychological scripts, that whispers doubts every time you price your services or plan a big financial move.

Maybe it’s a ‘scarcity complex’ whispering that there will never be enough, or a ‘guilt complex’ fretting over earning more than you ever imagined. These aren’t just random thoughts; they stem from deep-rooted psychological theories.

Carl Jung, a giant in psychology, would probably say these are your ‘complexes’ at play—emotional blind spots about money that you’ve carried into adulthood without even realizing it. For instance, if you grew up hearing that “it’s greedy to want more,” that belief might be holding you back from setting the prices your incredible services truly deserve.

And Freud? He’d likely suggest that your earliest money messages from childhood are still influencing you, silently dictating your financial decisions. He believed that these early experiences shape our subconscious, affecting how we view money in our adult lives.

So, why does this matter to you, a savvy entrepreneur? Because understanding these psychological underpinnings can liberate you from them. Realizing that these old tapes are just remnants of the past can empower you to charge what you’re worth, invest boldly in your growth, and embrace the financial abundance you deserve.

It’s about making the unconscious conscious, as Jung would say. By bringing these shadows into the light, you’re not just adjusting numbers; you’re fundamentally transforming your business mindset.

Kahneman talks about the concept of “loss aversion” in his work, which might resonate deeply with you as an entrepreneur. Essentially, loss aversion refers to people’s tendency to prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains. It’s the idea that it feels worse to lose $100 than it feels good to gain $100.

For a driven female entrepreneur, this could manifest as hesitance to invest in high-cost, high-reward opportunities for your business—like premium advertising, hiring more team members, or launching a costly but potentially lucrative new product line.

This fear of financial loss can sometimes outweigh the excitement of potential gains, keeping your business in a safe but slow-growth mode.

Understanding this bias can empower you to recognize when fear is keeping you from making bold moves that could catapult your business forward.

By recognizing this mental block, you can push through the discomfort, making calculated risks that are more likely to lead to significant gains. This approach not only shifts your mindset but can drastically alter the trajectory of your business growth.

What is a money mindset: positive vs negative

A positive money mindset isn’t just about feeling good—it’s about effective strategy and growth. It means viewing money as a dynamic tool rather than a finite resource. For example, imagine you’re considering investing in a high-level mastermind or a business coach.

A positive mindset sees this as planting seeds for exponential growth, expecting that the investment will not only return but also multiply. This approach is characterized by beliefs like, “Investing in my business is investing in my success,” and “Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.”

Conversely, a negative money mindset could see the same opportunity as a risk too big to take. It’s fueled by fear-based thoughts such as, “What if I lose all this money?” or “I need to save every penny rather than spend it.”

This mindset might keep you from seizing opportunities that require upfront investment but could lead to significant returns. It can cause stagnation, where you might find yourself doing the same things repeatedly because they’re ‘safe,’ missing out on potential breakthroughs.

A real-life entrepreneur example could be choosing whether to expand your product line. With a positive mindset, you’d likely embrace the challenge, focusing on the potential market share increase and revenue.

With a negative mindset, the focus might shift to the logistics, additional costs, and the fear of the new products flopping, which could paralyze decision-making.

Switching from a negative to a positive mindset involves recognizing these fears but choosing to act from a place of potential and abundance rather than restriction. It’s about saying, “Yes, there’s a risk, but the growth of my business is worth it.”

This shift doesn’t just change how you handle finances; it transforms your entire approach to business, enhancing creativity, motivation, and ultimately, success.


Reach Your Revenue Goals by Releasing Your Biggest Money Blocks

Whether it’s shame of charging your worth, constantly over-delivering or believing that more money leads to more stress, this hypnosis will guide you to release whatever is blocking you from building a business you love telling people about.

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Roswitha Herman Manifesting Money Coach

What is a money mindset: examples + reframing

what is a money mindset examples and reframing

To help you better understand what is a money mindset + learn how to reframe negative thoughts, I've put together 5 of the biggest money blocks entrepreneurs face.

Let's go.

Negative money mindset #1

Negative: “I can’t afford to invest in my business right now.”

Positive: “Investing in my business is essential for growth. I will prioritize and find ways to allocate resources wisely.”

Negative money mindset #2

Negative: “Lowering my prices is the only way to attract more clients.”

Positive: “I provide exceptional value, and my prices reflect the quality and results my clients receive. The right clients will recognize and pay for this value.”

Negative money mindset #3

Negative: “Making money is a struggle and always involves stress.”

Positive: “Creating wealth can be a joyful and fulfilling process. I find creative and satisfying ways to generate income.”

Negative money mindset #4

Negative: “If I become too successful, it might lead to negative attention or jealousy.”

Positive: “My success inspires others, and I handle attention with grace. Success brings opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and communities.”

Negative money mindset #5

Negative: “I must work all the time to earn more money.”

Positive: “It’s important to work smart, not just hard. I can achieve greater financial success by optimizing my strategies and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

What is a money mindset: importance to business success

Let’s dive into why having a healthy money mindset isn’t just a nice-to-have, but a must-have for your business success.

Imagine your business is a car, and your money mindset is the fuel it runs on. With the right kind of fuel, you’re not just hitting the gas; you’re turbocharging your way to success!

First off, a positive money mindset opens the door to smarter financial decisions. It’s like having a secret weapon that helps you see opportunities where others see obstacles.

When you believe in abundance, you’re more likely to invest in growth opportunities, whether that’s upgrading your skills, hiring talent, or scaling your marketing efforts. These aren’t just expenses; they’re investments in your empire!

Secondly, it’s all about the vibe you send out. Yes, vibes matter in business too! A confident, positive approach to money attracts clients who value what you offer and are willing to pay premium prices.

Think about it: if you’re confident in the value you bring to the table, your clients will feel that. And confidence is contagious—it helps you negotiate better, present your services more effectively, and close deals with ease.

Lastly, a healthy money mindset helps you handle the ups and downs of business with grace. Not every month will be a high revenue month, and that’s okay!

With a resilient mindset, you can navigate these fluctuations without panic, learning from each phase and using it to refine your strategies.

In short, cultivating a strong money mindset isn’t just about feeling good—it’s about making concrete moves that propel your business forward. It’s about turning your financial dreams into plans, and those plans into action.

What is a money mindset: resources for a healthy mindset

what is a money mindset resources and tools

Let’s dive into some game-changing tools that can seriously upgrade your money mindset and kickstart your business success:


Ready to give your brain a little love? Hypnosis isn’t just for stage shows; it’s a legit way to rewrite those nagging negative beliefs about money. Think of it as a deep meditation where you get to smooth out the wrinkles in your subconscious. It’s all about turning those ‘I can’t’ thoughts into ‘I absolutely can and will!’ beliefs that support your financial goals.

To get you started, you can download my FREE 35min Hypnosis to reframe your biggest negative money belief and reach your revenue goals.

EFT Tapping:

Imagine if you could literally tap away your financial stress—well, with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), you kinda can! It’s like acupressure but with a focus on unlocking your money potential. You tap on specific points while affirming positive changes, helping clear out the old, sticky beliefs that keep your wallet closed.

I've put together a Tapping Bundle to release the 4 biggest money blocks stopping you from getting consistent clients.

Get the EFT Tapping Bundle here!

Surround Yourself with Winners:

You know that vibe check you get when hanging out with certain people? Well, when it comes to money, you want to be around folks who have a healthy and happy relationship with it. Find mentors, peers, or a community of fellow women entrepreneurs who are crushing it financially. Their habits, mindsets, and advice are contagious!


Here’s a powerful one for you. Spend a few minutes each day picturing your ideal financial success. See yourself signing deals, receiving payments, or celebrating big wins. Visualization isn’t just daydreaming; it’s setting your brain’s GPS to success mode. The more you can see it, the more you can achieve it.

Using these strategies, you’re not just wishing for better finances; you’re actively drawing them towards you. Think of them as your personal toolkit for financial awesomeness.

Getting consistent clients and reaching your money goals is 80% about your BELIEFS.

Go grab that powerful FREE 35min Hypnosis and shift your money story for good!

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Roswitha Herman is your go-to expert for transforming your relationship with MONEY.

Since 2023, I have been developing my own Releasing Money Blocks method, which combines parts of all other techniques I am certified in (EFT/TFT, Ho'oponopono, Eden method, Theta healing, Sedona method, Heart wall method, to name a few).

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