50+ Positive Money Beliefs for Creative Entrepreneurs

Roswitha Herman - Business & Money Coach

Roswitha Herman

Sunday, 23rd June 2024

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50 positive money beliefs for entrepreneurs

Welcome to my world, gorgeous! If you’re here it means that you’re ready to learn about limiting money beliefs, especially positive ones. 

In this article, we’ll explore how our money beliefs are formed, both negative and positive.

We’ll also talk about the importance of positive money beliefs to become a successful entrepreneur, as well as hook you up with some practical strategies to remove money blocks and shift your relationship with money. 

So, go grab a cup of coffee (or tea), make yourself comfortable, and get ready to be blown away.


This is what we'll cover in this article. Feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most, although I highly recommend reading the whole piece.

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How are our money beliefs formed


Our money beliefs start forming way back in childhood when we were just tiny humans absorbing everything around us like little sponges. Remember those times when your parents or caregivers said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? Well, beliefs are formed when we hear that hundreds of times.

If your family was always worried about money, I am 99.9% sure that you picked up on that stress. As a child, your brain is not yet capable of deciding what’s good or bad for you, so you pick up everything from your environment.

On the flip side, you can inherit positive money beliefs too if you lived in a family with a healthy attitude towards money. 

School years

Now let’s talk about school and peers. From a very young age, we start comparing ourselves to others. Maybe you noticed who had the latest toys or prettiest dresses, and your beliefs about self-worth started taking shape. 

We’re also influenced by our teachers. Even if at home you had toxic lessons about money, a teacher can help soften them if he/she praised the idea of saving, budgeting or making smart investments. 


Did you know that we can also inherit money beliefs? Just like your grandfather’s quirky mannerisms, a financial mindset can be passed down through generations. If your ancestors struggled with money, those worries and limiting beliefs are probably quietly influencing you today. 

Unfortunately, it’s like inheriting a family treasure chest filled with rocks. Fortunately, however, you can also inherit positive beliefs. Maybe your great-grandparents were savvy entrepreneurs who believed in the power of smart investments and shaping their own future. That can give you a “natural” confidence and passion as an entrepreneur.

Society and (social) media

In adulthood, we have society and media shaping our beliefs in not so pretty ways. Advertisements, movies, music and social media bombard us with messages about wealth and success on a daily basis.

Heck, on an hourly basis because we’re always on our damn phones, right?! 

Seeing those Instagram posts of luxurious lifestyles can make you question your financial status and goals. And, if we’re talking about the entrepreneurship industry, all those coaches and experts flashing their monthly revenue on social media isn’t doing us any good either.

But there’s always a bright side, seeing success stories of entrepreneurs who started from scratch can also be incredibly motivating.

Own adventures

Our own life adventures as entrepreneurs are also shaping our money mindset. Each triumph and mistake adds another layer to our beliefs about money. Each new client gives you confidence and each new refund gives you an opportunity to look even deeper at your money beliefs. 

Now onto our next section to understand why are our money beliefs so important if we want to make it big as entrepreneurs.

Why are positive money beliefs so important for business success

Why are positive money beliefs so important


I like to think that having positive money beliefs is like having a secret superpower. When you believe in abundance and that you deserve to be wealthy, the Universe starts shifting your reality to reflect those inner beliefs. 

Having positive money beliefs also helps with your level of self-confidence, which in turn leads to bold business decisions and pursuing opportunities that others might shy away from.

Imagine waking up every morning thinking “I am a money magnet” or “I am in charge of my reality and the Universe sends me clients daily”. Girl, you can conquer the world with this attitude. 

Showing up for clients

Your mindset plays a huge role in the way you connect with your clients. Your enthusiasm and confidence are contagious, your vibrate that and your clients are more likely to trust you and invest in your products or services. 

When you know what you’re worth, it shows up in every piece of content, DM, email or proposal. 

Better decisions

Making smart business decisions is another perk of having strong, positive money beliefs. If you’re not constantly worried about paying your bills and your team, you can make more strategic choices.

This includes investing in top-notch tools, hiring the best talent, and jumping on opportunities that can drive your business forward. 

Become more resilient

Resilience is crucial in the entrepreneurial world, especially in today’s super competitive markets with more businesses going viral every day. Positive money beliefs can help you bounce back from setbacks. 

When you see challenges as wonderful opportunities for growth from the Universe, you’re more likely to keep your peace and find creative solutions that can help you reach higher highs. 

As you shift your limiting beliefs and understand that nobody is trying to punish you through failure or things not working out as planned, you’re more likely to detach, keep your vibration high and launch even better products and services. 

Physical and emotional well-being

And let’s not forget the impact on your well-being. Constantly stressing about money can lead to burnout and health issues. I know this best, unfortunately. For years I was in and out of burnout due to living in high survival energy and a deep belief in “I can only be wealthy through hustle”. 

As I write this in 2024, I am still recovering from a ton of health issues, hormonal imbalances and autoimmune diseases. Sure, it didn’t help that my husband has been chronically ill since 2016 which put a lot of stress on my body and nervous system.

A healthy relationship with money keeps you relaxed, energized yet focused. This attitude overrides hustle and helps you manifest opportunities with much less effort. Remember, everything is energy and the Universe is only a mirror of your beliefs. 

If you believe in “more money equals more stress” or that “wealthy people are greedy”, the Universe will reflect that back to you, but not to punish you for your limiting beliefs. No no. The Universe is all love. 

Its purpose is to show you what you need to heal so that you can live the life it knows that it’s possible for you. 

So, the essence is this: when you have healthy beliefs, you get out of survival mode, you raise your vibration which can help you manifest clients with more ease, attract much better opportunities and live a fuller life. 

10 examples of toxic money beliefs

10 toxic money beliefs

I am sure you're wondering what are some examples of toxic money beliefs, so I've put together 10 of the most common money blocks entrepreneurs face.

Let's go.

1. Fear of Charging High Prices:

You worry that potential clients won’t pay higher prices or that even actual clients will leave you.

2. Undervaluing Your Work:

You don’t recognize the true value of your business, which leads to underpricing, living in constant resentment or giving away too much for free.

3. Fear of Investing in Your Business:

You tend to hesitate spending money on useful tools, team members, or resources to grow your business without so much hustle and grind.

4. Money is the Root of All Evil:

You believe that having money or wanting to become a millionaire makes you a bad person.

5. Scarcity Mindset:

You constantly feel like there’s never enough money, clients or opportunities. You may even fear you’ll end up on the streets. 

6. Imposter Syndrome:

You doubt your skills and expertise. Constantly feeling like a fraud makes you undercharge, again, or not promote yourself enough. 

7. Fear of Rejection:

You avoid sales calls or pitching your services via DMs because you’re afraid potential clients will say no. 

8. Over-Delivering and Undercharging:

You give way more value than you charge for. You constantly feel like you need to “prove” your worth.

9. Guilt Around Making Money:

You feel guilty about earning money if you enjoy your work or feel it comes easily. You also feel guilty about earning more money than your family or friends.

10.Believing You Must Work Hard for Money:

You think that you have to work extremely hard to make more money, keeping you in and out of burnout.


Reach Your Revenue Goals by Releasing Your Biggest Money Blocks

Whether it’s shame of charging your worth, constantly over-delivering or believing that more money leads to more stress, this hypnosis will guide you to release whatever is blocking you from building a business you love telling people about.

You deserve a business that SUPPORTS you month after month in living your dream life without sacrificing your mental health, spending time with your loved ones or traveling the world.

Roswitha Herman Manifesting Money Coach

50+ positive money beliefs for entrepreneurs

50+ positive money beliefs

1. Money gives me the power to scale my business and chase my wildest dreams.

2. I totally trust myself to make smart money moves.

3. My unique talents naturally draw in financial success.

4. I deserve big paychecks for my expertise and dedication.

5. My business is a money-making machine that never stops.

6. Spending on myself and my business? Smartest play ever.

7. I’m all about creating diverse income streams.

8. Financial freedom? I’m on my way there, step by step.

9. My business rocks because I offer top-notch value.

10. I’m worthy of every penny I desire.

11. Money comes to me easily and without fuss.

12. I attract clients who aren’t afraid to pay what I’m worth.

13. Every financial oopsie is a stepping stone to greater wisdom.

14. I’m a financial whiz, handling my biz funds like a pro.

15. My wealth lets me help out and lift up my community.

16. I’m all in for celebrating the abundance that comes my way.

17. I’m a magnet for money and killer opportunities.

18. My business is the ticket to the lifestyle of my dreams.

19. I’ve got the chops to negotiate and set killer prices.

20. I’ve got all the confidence to hit my financial targets.

21. Clarity and confidence are my sidekicks in financial decisions.

22. My offerings are gold mines, attracting wealth like nothing else.

23. Money? It’s a good thing in my world.

24. I’m building a financial fortress for me and mine.

25. Enjoying my hard-earned cash is my right.

26. I’ve got an abundance mindset that keeps the prosperity flowing.

27. Financial independence through my business? Absolutely doable.

28. My ideas are investment gold.

29. I call the shots when it comes to my finances.

30. I’m always game for income-boosting adventures.

31. Proud of my financial gains? You bet.

32. My perseverance pays off in big financial wins.

33. I welcome all the wealth life throws my way.

34. My financial success is a boon for everyone around me.

35. My brainstorms turn into profit storms.

36. Nothing scares me in my money-making mission.

37. I trust those gut feelings when it comes to cash.

38. I’m forever leveling up my financial smarts.

39. I’m a money magnet, no doubt about it.

40. Grateful for the bucks? Always.

41. My business mirrors my zest and commitment.

42. I earned my financial rewards, and then some.

43. Success and wealth? That’s my everyday.

44. Investing in growth is second nature to me.

45. My financial wins motivate other women to aim high.

46. The wealth I create does a world of good.

47. Financial goals? I’m hitting them all.

48. Money and I? We’re in a healthy relationship.

49. No doubt about it, I’m destined for financial success.

50. Every day I’m thankful for the financial success I attract.

51. Every sale I make reinforces my journey towards greater financial prosperity.

52. My energy and passion for my business naturally attract financial abundance.

53. I am constantly refining my business model to increase profitability.

54. My entrepreneurial spirit opens doors to new and lucrative ventures.

55.I celebrate every financial milestone as a testament to my business acumen and resilience.

How to improve your money mindset and remove money blocks

Now, just in case you have some money blocks, here are some ways in which you can remove them and shift your relationship with money. 

I am not saying you do have them. All I am saying is that everyone has them lol. 

Here we go…

1. Journaling

One of the simplest yet most powerful tools for removing money blocks is journaling. Grab a notebook and start writing down your thoughts and feelings about money.

Journaling helps you explore and uncover negative beliefs and patterns. Once you’ve identified them, challenge these beliefs and even rewrite them in a positive way. In time, this will shift your mindset.

Here are 8 journaling prompts to get you started:

  • “What are the top three things I’m afraid will change if my business takes off? How can I prepare myself to handle these changes?”

  • “If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I do differently in my business starting today? Can I create a plan for this?”

  • "What are five achievements in my business I’m really proud of? How can I use these to gain more confidence?”

  • “When do I most often feel like a fraud? What triggers these feelings?”

  • “If I were to pay someone else for the same service I offer, what would I willingly pay them? Why do I hesitate to charge the same?”

  • “Who am I worried about upsetting or offending by becoming more successful or wealthy? Why do I feel responsible for their feelings?”

  • “What good can I do with my wealth? How could more financial success actually help me serve others, especially my family?”

  • “If I believed there was more than enough for everyone, including myself, what would I do differently in my business?”

2. Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a fantastic way to access your subconscious mind and reprogram those deep-seated money blocks. 

I highly recommend trying my FREE 35-minute hypnosis session. It’s designed to guide you to identify and remove your biggest money block so that you can manifest your revenue goal. 

It’s freaky powerful and I’ve had women manifest new PIF clients, sales to their online course and even lottery wins. 

Grab my free money manifestation hypnosis here!

3. EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, is a super effective way to release emotional blocks from your body. In essence, all money blocks are emotional blocks in your physical body that create certain thought patterns. 

EFT can help you release those physical blocks and eventually shift your mindset. It involves tapping on specific meridian points on your body while focusing on a particular issue, such as a money belief. 

To get you started, I created a bundle of four videos that help you release the biggest money blocks stopping you from getting consistent clients. 

Get my EFT Tapping Bundle here!

4. Work with a Coach 1:1

Sometimes, the best way to tackle money blocks is to get personalized guidance from a professional. 

Working with a coach privately can provide you with tailored strategies to identify and remove your deepest money blocks. A coach can help you go way deeper into your beliefs, offer new perspectives, and keep you accountable when you’re chasing those big money goals. 

I am not going to lie, working on your money beliefs involves a lot of work and usually there are many many layers involved. 

Also, our limiting money beliefs require more than mindset work, you need someone who can help you release them from all layers: nervous system, energetic system, even from your DNA, cells, soul or from past lives

Well, that’s exactly what I do in my private coaching practice. You’re lucky to have found me haha. 

I guarantee this is the deepest type of mindset and emotional work you’ve done and it’s truly transformative on all levels. 

Send me an email to check if you qualify to work with me privately. Can’t wait to meet you and be your guide! 

Now, all that’s left for you to do is to share this article with a biz bestie.

Getting consistent clients and reaching your money goals is 80% about your BELIEFS.

Go grab that powerful FREE 35min Hypnosis and shift your money story for good!

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Roswitha Herman is your go-to expert for transforming your relationship with MONEY.

Since 2023, I have been developing my own Releasing Money Blocks method, which combines parts of all other techniques I am certified in (EFT/TFT, Ho'oponopono, Eden method, Theta healing, Sedona method, Heart wall method, to name a few).

This is what I do with my private clients when we release blocks on DNA, soul level, past lives level, subconscious mind, cells + organs in the body, nervous system, and mindset level.

My BIG GOAL NOW, is to
guide 100 women entrepreneurs create a 6-fig business, even if they are just making $2,000/mo from their passion business.

Ready to take the first step?

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