No worries, you are NOT alone in this!

And just because TODAY, this quiz gave you this result it does not mean that in a few months you cannot get a TOTAL DIFFERENT one.

You are not a tree, you CAN MOVE. And on this page, you will get tips on how to do that right this second!

But before that here is what I know about you:

  • You are positive, you’ve already started to read self-development books, you started to understand what is the fuss with the law of attraction
  • You’ve realized that something needs to change in your life and you are like a sponge now, looking for inspiration, for answers, for meeting people that can help you out.
  • You are ready to make a change NOW! You are a bit scared because you do not know where to start and you already feel like you’ve been wasting so much time and maybe other people are ahead of you.
  • You are looking for guidance. You look around and you feel a bit lonely because the people in your life don’t necessarily want to change. You want new people in your life that can pull you up.
  • You feel pressured by time. You feel it’s not fair that you’ve just “heard the message” and now you need to catch up. You are overwhelmed because you feel you need to do so many things to be “like the enlightened people”. You are afraid you are running out of time.

…and this is OKAY.

Everything that you are going through RIGHT NOW is okay.

As I said above, you are not alone and even I have been in your shoes in the past. I know exactly how it feels to compare yourself with people that “have it all” and feel like you are not even on the map.

But you know what?

EVERYONE started somewhere.

The most important step is already done.

You have STARTED!

Be proud of this!

Regarding the “what to do next?” I want to share with you a secret!


As much as possible, every single day! Don’t let circumstances dictate how you feel.

You are in control. So choose to feel JOY! This will be life changing. (pinky promise!)

Are you ready to dig in and learn other ways on how to get “there”?

Start NOW With These 3 Tips

  • Be grateful! Start and end your day by writing down 3 things you are grateful for.

It does not matter how small or how insignificant it might be, acknowledge that you are blessed. This will raise your happiness level and your vibration making it easier for more good things to come your way.

  •  Introduce a healthy habit to your daily routine.

I personally love to meditate for 5-10min, to go jogging, to write my goals as I already have them and I am thanking the Universe for receiving them, to read, to listen to interviews that inspire me and motivate me. (it does NOT have to be literally every day and you can mix and match habits and strive to do ONE at least every 2 days)

  • Use this affirmation as your mantra:

“I am patient, confident and relaxed.

Everything that I need and want comes to me at lightning speed. 

I am blessed.”

Use this affirmation and repeat it as many times you can throughout the day – you can also print it out and hang it somewhere or put it on your desktop.

The whole idea is to see it, think it and write it as many times possible, until it becomes your truth.