CONGRATS are in order!

You are blessed with a beautiful life and everyone around you seems to appreciate what you become and what you have created for yourself.

But, although this should be enough, you often find yourself wanting more and looking up to others that have what you want…

…like those who own million dollar homes, or travel the world, or are invited to Oprah’s house.

You want a bit of that life.

And I know you do not want to look like an ungrateful potato because you do appreciate everything that you have, it’s just that you want MORE.

…and this is OKAY.

Seriously! It’s okay to want more and better.

You should not feel guilty for wanting this. The more you have, the more you can give. And I know you are a kind soul.

Do you know what else I know?

  • That you live an organized life. You know what you want and you are very focused on accomplishing your goals.
  • Some say you are too focused on growing your business or advancing in your career, making you look a bit superficial or shallow.
  • You always follow the rules and guidelines that you have seen others, the ones successful, do.
  • You are a bit of a perfectionist.
  • You work hard to get what you want.
  • You often struggle to get what you want.
  • You would like to make it all happen in a way that is easier, that is fun, that takes less time… but you cannot seem to believe this can be possible.

Is any of this ring a bell?

If yes, do you want to start doing something to change that?

(and I know you are already eating healthy and doing healthy habits, but this is something no one else will tell you!)

Start NOW With These 3 Tips

  • Do less

Yes, you heard me right. Stop MAKING things happen and LET them happen.

Set the intention and let it go. Have faith. The Universe really wants you to succeed and it will deliver to you, just let the magic unfold. Stop controlling every single thing. 

Try cutting in HALF the amount of work you do, for 7 days, and see how you feel. (work at your job, work at home, work on your relationships, work on dealing with what you eat…)

  • Ask yourself as often as possible: What will bring me JOY right now?

And do THAT. Whatever answer you get, do it! Does not matter if it’s not “in your schedule“, or if “you don’t have time for that” or “you won’t be able to accomplish everything if you do it“.

It’s an experiment. 7 days. You can do it! 

So…what would bring you joy right now?

  • Use this affirmation as your mantra:

Use this affirmation and repeat it as many times you can throughout the day – you can also print it out and hang it somewhere or put it on your desktop. The whole idea is to see it, think it and write it as many times possible, until it becomes your truth.

“I am enjoying the journey without controlling it and it feels liberating.

It feels like freedom!

I feel good letting go of SHOULDS.”