CONGRATS are in order!

What you already created in your life is desired by 99% of the population, can you imagine that you are “there“?

You are blessed with a beautiful life and everyone around you seems to appreciate what you’ve become and what you have created for yourself.


….do you wake up at night being scared that everything will go away in the morning?

Do you have days when you just cannot do anything? When you feel so tired, so fatigued, so unhappy...

…although there is really nothing to indicate you have a reason for it?

And you cannot understand WHY you feel like this and what is wrong with you?

….It’s pretty normal to feel like this!

Yes, it is, so stop beating yourself up!

Fear is normal, even for you and all your self-development work.

Do you know what else I know?

  • You love helping others get where you are: happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled.
  • You are a grateful potato, always looking for the positive side of things.
  • You work a lot on your mindset and you have a daily routine, filled with healthy habits.
  • You cannot understand why you still manage to sabotage yourself, after all this time.
  • You expect to deal perfectly with nasty feelings or negative setbacks.

Is any of this ring a bell? (especially the last two?)

If yes, do you want to start doing something to change that?

(and I know you are already eating healthy and doing healthy habits, but this is something no one else will tell you!)

Start NOW With These 3 Tips

  • Be nicer to yourself

You seem to be nice to EVERYBODY but, when you don’t do something perfectly, you simply forget to treat yourself how you would treat others. You have high expectations from you and this makes you act very harshly towards yourself. I know it’s hard to accept that you can also be wrong, or that you can also be human just like everybody else, but it’s the kind thing to do.

By appreciating and loving yourself more, even when you least feel like you deserve it, you will be able to maintain and improve your overall happiness and HELP EVEN MORE people. It’s a ripple effect.

And I know you want to have a big impact in this world.

  • Listen to Abraham Hicks

This is my evening routine before going to sleep: hopping on Youtube and listening to a 15 min Abraham Hicks video.

Their teachings fill me up with trust, joy, relaxation, confidence…and I just know, everything is alright and I am alright.

  • Use this affirmation as your mantra:

Use this affirmation and repeat it as many times you can throughout the day – you can also print it out and hang it somewhere or put it on your desktop. The whole idea is to see it, think it and write it as many times possible, until it becomes your truth.

“I am ENOUGH!”