I am so excited to have you here and I know for sure that by investing this amount of money you will be doing whatever it takes to get the results for 2018!

I cannot wait to meet you – LIVE!

How awesome is this?!

Yes, you can invite your girlfriend to join too!

If you want to join alone, the payment is 100 EUR, BUT if you want to surprise your girlfriend and work together towards the best 2018 EVER, you will pay only 150 EUR for both of you!

Starting from 75 EUR PERSON! (500 EUR value)

Choose your option

What is going to happen next?

After your payment, your SEAT will be saved and I will contact you in the next 24-48 h to give you more details regarding the time/day of the workshop. (no worries, we will choose the dates together so you will be able to attend!)

Do you give REFUNDS?

This live workshop works and I guarantee it 100%. This is why I do not give any refunds. And the minimal fee is only 75 EUR/person, cheaper than a regular session with me. The whole point is to make you invest in something that you usually don’t or that makes you uncertain but that will push you to develop.

You’ll love it!