Nope, it’s not a joke!

It’s a real kick-ass program designed to help any coach or online entrepreneur START & FINISH one of their biggest online projects.

Big projects might be:

  • launching a website
  • starting a video show
  • starting a podcast
  • guest post on 5-10 major publications
  • create your first freebie
  • create your first paid product
  • launch your service
  • creating your own facebook group
  • creating a social media strategy
  • host a webinar

When you think about starting your own online business you take a lot of things into consideration…

… but you never ever think about the fear, the perfectionism, the dreadfulness, all the ugly feelings that surface every time you want to improve your business.

You are terrified to start because you don’t know how or you don’t know if it will be worth it or you don’t want to make a mistake and redo it.

You just want to do it fast, to do it perfectly and to get results from it ASAP.

Am I right?

I totally know this feeling…

Because this is how I am…

…and this is how most of the determined, ambitious and perfectionists out there who own a business are!

So what do we all do?

Because I wanted to solve my problem, I’ve started looking for solutions and implement them on myself and on my clients to see if they work.

After a few months of trial and error, I came up with this amazing 6 week program, where you start with having a clear picture of your business and then guided by me, you pick the biggest project that might bring in the most results (money, expertise, experience) and with the help of an amazing business coachMihai Herman, you will be able to implement and finish your big project.

And all in just 6 weeks!

Are you ready to make it happen?

Are you ready to put yourself out there?

Are you ready to make more money? Be more successful? Feel less stressed and more pleased with your business situation?


It is all about getting clear and getting help!

After you have a clear mental picture of your business and where you are headed + you map out all your projects + you get help from 2 coaches to pick the right project that brings the most results NOW + how to bring it to life


Want to START & FINISH a scary project?


NEXT class starts in 2017!

Secure your seat with the early bird price!
(if you buy before Dec 31st)

This 6-week program is perfectly designed for you!

You get weekly videos and assignments + a 90 min coaching call with me + a 45 min business & marketing call with Mihai + unlimited email support from me 

  • #1 WEEK: Get CLEAR: what do you want? what could be the results? what is your clear picture of the desired outcome?
  • #2 WEEK: WHY do you want to do this project? Is it money, fame, subscribers, traffic, exposure, all of the above?

  • #3 WEEK: Talk about the steps you need to take in order to make it happen. Word of the week: BRAINSTORM.
  • #4 WEEK:  This week we get to meet and discuss your mental picture of your business, your why and see all your projects and brainstorming ideas and pick ONE PROJECT that will bring in the most results! Also, we will create a plan to make it happen!
  • #5 WEEK: Implementation
  • #6 WEEK: Implementation #2 + call with Mihai Herman + unlimited email support for me to make sure you finish your project

What else are you getting?

Online Community

An online group, where we check-in every week, set weekly intentions and goals and make sure we make them happen. Also, for any questions or personal struggles, this group will be a great resource. (priceless)

Free Planner

In order to be easier to organize your To Do list and be present, I will give you the Plan Your Lifestyle Diary for FREE (worth $15).

VIP 1:1 Coaching

On the #4 week, we will meet  for 90 min, to go over your work and pick the right project for you at the moment. The one that will bring in the most results! (worth $225)

Business Coaching

During IMPLEMENTATION WEEKS, if you need guidance regarding the HOW (start a blog, start your Social Media Channels, etc) you will have a 90 minutes FREE business coaching session with Mihai Herman. (worth $312)

now it’s your time! Get shit done! JOIN!

My clients say…

When I first joined the Health Coaching Group, I was 3 months through IIN with no idea what or how I’m going to succeed.
3 months later and my website is almost done,I have my “Why?” clear in my head and I’m ready to change lives using my knowledge.

If there is something I would like to thank Roswitha for, is selecting the right exercises, the right books and the right topics to help me gain clarity.
And the thing I appreciated most was her objectiveness. Don’t expect sugar-coating! If you really want to be better at what you do, if you want to meet the path you were meant to walk on, choose this program!

Sharing your struggles with people who actually understand them is PRICELESS! It was worth every penny!

Alexandra Jeitan Rawan, The Healthy Cookie Jar
Group coaching with Roswitha is a wonderful tool to keep yourself on track and achieve your goals. Each time is like a joyful meeting with your good friends, in a constructive and motivating way.

Roswitha has some good tips and tricks, plus great coaching skills to share. Be ready to step out your comfort zone and grow!

Eva Kumpas, Nutrisophy
I loved the coaching group! It gave me a lot of clarity and set me up on the right path to success in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Roswitha <3.
I liked all exercises and challenges. I liked the interaction with others and see how everyone can help each other and grow together by growing personally at the same type.
I have more clarity about where I need to focus my energy and I feel more confident and Happy 🙂
This coaching group has exceed my expectations! 🙂
Ailicec Fuentes, Plant-Based Dream
This is a really challenging session in that Roswitha ask you to really identify your why and your goals for your business.
I no longer procrastinate as much as I used to…I simply do what needs to be done and move on. I also acknowledge my growth. Finally, I am in the process of organizing my home office and aspects of my personal life.
Krispy Brown