What should you eat for breakfast? – #AskYourCoach

Hey! How are you doing? It’s me again, Roswitha – your health coach at roswithaherman.com the place where women are happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled! In this #AskYourCoach video, I will answer a question that too many people ask me “What should you eat for breakfast?

To make my philosophy in life easier to understand, especially when it comes to food and what to eat, I want to portray a real example that you have probably seen happen in your life.

In my opinion, there are 3 main types of people when it comes to what their breakfast in-tale and this week I will talk about the people who DO NOT EAT breakfast. Instead, they are drinking a coffee and maybe get a mid-morning snack, like a bagel, donut or muffin. You might see them waiting in line at Starbucks every morning.

So, what should you eat for breakfast?

What is good about this category of people who do not eat breakfast?

  • they have more time
  • they tend to eat less

What might be controversial about this category of people who do not eat breakfast?

  • they tend to eat more sweets and eat more in the afternoon and evening, which can lead to gain weight, and hormonal problems which drag health issues and diseases on the long term
  • they tend to drink minimum 2 coffees a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon

Our body functions are more alert in the morning, after the body finishes its detox program, which starts at night (hours depend on everyone’s lifestyle so I will not mention, because it might not be true for you) and they are ready to digest things that are harder to digest (like complex carbohydrates) in order to produce energy for the entire day.

AskYourCoach- What should you eat for breakfast -carbs

If you do not know what complex carbohydrates are, think of fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and dairy.

If you give your body coffee, which is not hard to digest, the caffeine will get your insulin level up, and you’ll get a boost of energy almost immediately. This energy is usually for a short period of time. Most of the time around 30 min, after which you can get a headache, fatigue or the feeling of an empty stomach.

AskYourCoach- What should you eat for breakfast -muffin

If you then, add a white sugary bagel/muffin/cupcake, again thanks to the white processed flour and the sugar, you get your insulin level up, you get a short time of energy, but after 30 min or so, you are back where you started. And if you think about it, you did not get any minerals or nutrients with your breakfast, maybe some antioxidants from coffee, depending on the quality of the coffee, how is made, etc… but you got a lot of sugar and white flour and preservatives and lots of chemicals and flavorings.

I do not know if you know cars, but imagine running on a full tank of gas most of the time OR adding a gallon every time the tank is empty. Which version do you think does best for your car?

This is what you are doing to your body, if you are one of these people.

What small change can you make as of today to improve your situation?

I totally hear you, I started drinking coffee regularly in high school and until my second year of college, I was drinking it almost every morning and had no breakfast whatsoever. I was always running late to school, so preparing and eating breakfast was out of the question. I got a coffee to have some energy and that got me until 10-11 am every day. But, because I was also living in a stressful situation and overall I had a very scarce food regime, I started to see a lot of hair loss, got angry often, was anxious and did no sports because I had no energy for it, like my body was so lazy, only my mind was active.

I noticed MASSIVE changes in my mood, my energy and my overall being when I started having shakes every morning, after drinking a warm cup of water with lemon on an empty stomach and leaving the coffee for the go.

Since I had so many liquids in me, it was hard for me to drink coffee in the morning, the big size, so in time, I started downsizing to the smaller size.

My shakes were simple, I started with one cup of milk, one banana and one teaspoon of honey.

When it comes down to “what should you eat for breakfast?” I would recommend:

tea-with-lemon-AskYourCoach- What should you eat for breakfast

  • If time is not on your side, start preparing a shake. You might use milk (I suggest using organic whole milk – since it has no hormones added and less processing, it’s easier to digest), water, soy milk (make sure soy is not GMO and has no sugar or flavoring), almond milk or rice milk.  If money is tight, use water, much better than cheaper milk filled with hormones and antibiotics. I suggest adding a banana and if you love the sweet taste, add also a bit of honey/maple syrup – not sugar if possible. In time you can add nuts or nut butters and check out hundreds of recipes online. 

AskYourCoach- What should you eat for breakfast -shake

  • In time, you will drink less coffee and you might even try decaf coffee (if you drink coffee for the taste) or teas that give you energy, like green/black tea or even rooibos – which has no caffeine (if you drink coffee for the buzz). 

silver-tea-AskYourCoach- What should you eat for breakfast

Next week, I will talk about the second category of people, stay tuned for more and don’t forget to visit the Blog section if you want to know more about health. And if you need advice and you want to talk to somebody, I have free sessions at roswithaherman.com/healthy-history, let’s schedule one today 🙂