Running a Business From Home – Interview With Megan Schopieray

I know many people wonder what is it like to be running a business from home. I was told that because my business is completely online, I must have a glamorous lifestyle and work from my bed and that probably my life is so much easier. Truth be told, there are many advantages of working from home, but at the same time, no one talks about what it really means and how hard it can be.

This week I interviewed a cool copywriter that is now a marketing &launch strategist and a business mentor. Her name is Megan Schopieray, she is in her twenties and she is running an online business from home.  I felt so grateful to meet her because she is very fun, she is very wise and personally, I learned a lot of things.

If you want to listen to real stories, about real people that talk honestly about what it means to be an online female entrepreneur, you are in the right place!

Running a Business From Home With Megan Schopieray

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There were several interesting points that we covered in this interview including what it means to be running a business from home:

  • Her story for becoming a copywriter and later a marketing & launch strategist and a business mentor 
  • Questioning if you need to have a degree to be able to coach people and help them
  • interview-megan-running-a-business-from-home-1

  • We talked about blocks and what was holding her from asking higher prices for her services 
  • One major limiting belief she had:

    I am not good enough or smart enough to help other people


  • When it’s time to increase your price and how many times she did it in her business
  • We talked about perfectionism and how she could not put anything out there until she was fully confident with it
  • The right way of finding your target market. We covered this topic and she shared how she experimented with it.
  • Do you need to update your website from time to time?
  • Is running a business from home glamorous?
  • The myth of waking up early
  • How should you take advice from self-development books – I loved how she explained it.
  • She answered: “Do you have crappy days when you just don’t do anything?
  • Is it cooking wasting time? How does she cook and plan her meals when working from home?
  • Talking about dressing up for work
  • Is delimiting

  • Is delimiting where you eat and where you work a good idea?

If you loved the talk and you want to know more about Megan, please check her website:!

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Importance of Self Love - Interview

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