Pearls of Wisdom: Rachel Collins Talking About Importance of Self Love

I am so happy to see that more and more people start talking about the importance of self-love since it’s one of my favorite subjects, an important aspect that women need to start dealing better with.

This week I interviewed an awesome mom of two that runs an online business, as a health and lifestyle coach. Her name is Rachel Collins and we had a lovely conversation that could have lasted for hours and I dare you to take a peek and while you are cooking or touching up in your home, listen to real stories, about real people that talk honestly about what it means to be a female entrepreneur and how the importance of self-love plays a big role in the equation.

 Rachel Collins Talking About Importance of Self Love

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There were several interesting points that we covered in this interview about the importance of self-love and those are:

  • Her story for becoming a health and lifestyle coach
  • How did Institute of Integrative Nutrition help her change her life (If you also want to become a CERTIFIED Health Coach, click here!)
  • How did her online business start
  • How many free sessions she had to give until she finally got her first paying client
  • What do you do when a client does not want to work with you anymore?
  • Why women are deserving to spending money on themselves 
  • Why you should stop saying mean things about yourself and don’t start a lifestyle change based on the hate you have towards your body
  • How not eating less, leads to losing weight and all about weight management
  • How did she start her website and how long it took to be present online and have freebies
  • We also talked about how B-school from Marie Forleo changed both of our lives (another thing we had in common)
  • We talked a lot about perfectionism and how it can stop us from creating a business that we deserve because we do not allow ourselves to be at the beginning
  • We talked about the numerous excuses we tell ourselves daily, that stop us from going after our goals
  • We also covered money blocks and limiting beliefs and how going through Money Bootcamp, by Denise Duffield-Thomas helped her deal with them. (If you want to know more about enrolling to Money Bootcamp, click here!).

Two of her major limiting beliefs were:

You can’t be a good mom and a successful career woman

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To earn good money you have to work really hard

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  • We talked about getting help and not being ashamed to ask for it. You do not have time to do it all and you cannot possibly know everything, so in order to spend your time on doing what you love doing, while making the money you deserve, is best to hire help. It can be a cleaner, a cook, a business coach or a virtual assistant.
  • “It’s okay for you to pay for other people’s services, as long as you want people to pay you for your services!”

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  • We finished our interview by talking about the role of the woman and the man in today’s society and how things might change in the future.

If you loved the talk and you want to know more about Rachel, please check her two websites: or

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Next week, I will talk about a totally different topic, stay tuned for more and don’t forget to visit the Blog section if you want to know more about health, career and self-love.

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