“Stay in your head, you are dead” – As Tony Robbins said in “I am not your guru” documentary.

How July 2016 Shaped My Whole Life

I usually share personal stuff only in my newsletters or in my Successful Women Facebook group. The reason is that I like keeping some things private and only share them with my tribe, as a plus for being with me, week after week. I noticed that when I am vulnerable, other people tend to open up and magical things happen.

But, after writing another 1,000 words email, I realized it’s time to post this somewhere everyone can see. I have experienced massive personal growth this month and there are a few lessons that are worth mentioning because I know most people can relate to them and it might make them feel better knowing they are not alone.

The stories are juicy and you won’t get bored. Pinky promise.

5 Lessons That I Won’t Ever Forget

  • I got married to the love of my life, my high-school sweetheart.
The whole month of June I was worried with planning a simple day, like the city hall wedding. I felt like I had to postpone everything and just focus on making it be perfect. In the end, it turned out better than expected and I realized that I wasted so much time being in my head.


Family and friends that came to our city hall wedding ceremony.


Me and my husband starting a new life together.

Lesson here:

ENJOY and get out of your head. Things always work out for the best. Have faith, be optimistic and positive. When you stop controlling the outcome of each detail, you feel happier and other people will do a better job. Let them!

  • I’ve changed my name, so from now on I am Roswitha Herman.

Although it does not seem such a big deal, for me it was. I felt I was losing something if I changed my name. Not to mention that I was worried it would be too complicated to change all my paperwork – and hello, it turned out to be! But seeing my husband being so proud of me, taking his name, was worth every hour spent waiting to get my new paperwork.
wedding - roswitha and mihai

After we have signed the papers and I became Mrs. Herman.

Lesson here:

  1. Being a feminist or a powerful woman does not imply keeping your name, cause otherwise you lose your identity. Your identity is who you are always, not your name.
  2. Worry less and let the Universe take care of everything. I tried to control everything, to make it perfect. Until I realized that I am tired of this and in that moment, all solutions came and everything went GREAT.

  • Universe made more space in my life.
Right before going to bed, the night before the wedding ceremony, I got a text from one of my clients saying that she needs to cancel our 6-monthh program (we just hit the 3-month mark) due to losing some big contract and not having money to pay me.
As you can imagine, the timing was not great.
mantra - wellfitsyou
I was speechless.
Did not know how to react or what to do.

Thank God for my husband and my friend, Alexandra, who were next to me that night and made me see the whole picture.You see, I saw this as being BAD, for a few moments. I had a plan with my client, I invested A LOT in helping her accomplish all her goals and I felt stripped.

I felt “it’s not fair“.

I felt I did too much and received too little.


And I knew why this happened.

You see, she was my last client that booked me for only $650. As this might be a high price for some, for me it was too little for what I was offering. And since I tend to over deliver, I spent over 20h of coaching in only 3 months (when we should have only had 6 hours of coaching) and that took a lot of my energy.

One night I even got home and went straight to bed, I felt so tired and sick. I slept in the whole day next day.

This was a WAKE-UP CALL for me.

The energetical exchange was no longer a good one and the Universe stopped it before it went too far and probably would have damaged my relationship with my client.

You see, she had NO FAULT in this.

The problem was with me, always over delivering and not setting boundaries.

mantra - wellfitsyou - I am enough