How To Create Your Own Pamper Day At Home

What I have noticed in my practice as a Health Coach and in my personal life is that the most important aspect in every person’s life is self-care. People that spend more time on self-care are the ones that are happier, healthier and more successful. But, it is so easy and all you need to do is taking care of yourself, how come not everybody is living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life?

The answer lies in self sabotage and beliefs. Most of the people believe that spending time on themselves is selfish, is evil – is what rich people do because they do not care about anyone but themselves. Does this hit home?

I know, it did for me. I always saw in movies how only rich people afforded to go to the beauty salon, to go on vacation for the weekend, to go to the spa whenever they wanted to and I attached the belief that “only rich people can pamper themselves“.

Stop postponing! Create your pamper day at home today!

In my mind, I would have to wait until I will be rich in order to make time to take care of myself or pamper myself. Unfortunately, I am sure many of you have thought this as well. The big trap with this kind of thinking is that by not feeling the benefits of pampering in the present, we actually postpone abundance, by sending the message to the universenot now, I am not there yet‘.


You do not get wealthy because you do not pamper yourself and you do not pamper yourself because you are not wealthy yet. See what I mean?

Without even knowing, in college, I developed a habit of always succeeding with my exams. I was a straight-A student and to keep it up all the time, besides studying, I created an exam routine. It meant: the night before the exam I would go to bed early – around 10 pm. Sometimes, it was easy to go to sleep because I had studied really hard and trusted my gut, other times it was hard, so what I did was to meditate.

Everyone that knows me, knows I love CALM – it is a guided meditation app and I use it every day. For sleeping purposes only, I use OMVANA, another amazing app, that puts me to sleep in 15 min – DEEP REST is the program called.

Go to and to Check them out!

Go to and to Check them out!

So, before every exam, I would have around 8 h of well-deserved sleep. I would wake up early in the morning and start my beauty routine. ALWAYS, before an exam, I would spend at least one hour on pampering myself: shower, makeup, hairstyle. Most of the time I did not eat or study but spend the whole morning on looking good. I would walk out of the house feeling like a million bucks and the result, I would always know all the answers. After I realized what I was doing, I tested this theory to see if it’s really true. Unfortunately, the theory was right, and my grade was not.

Since then, every time I have a big goal to overcome, like public speaking, attending some big event, going to an interview – anything that might lead to fear or anxiety, I spend double the time to pamper myself first. This boosts my confidence and my whole day gets better.

What Is Pampering?

If some of you are confused about the term ‘pampering‘, let me tell you what pampering really means:

To pamper yourself means to take care of yourself on all different aspects of your well-being. This includes exterior and interior appearance. It is the scheduled time for the mind, body, and spirit. Keep in mind, I used the term ‘scheduled‘ because I believe that busy people need to schedule things, otherwise they won’t do it.

Why Is Creating A Pamper Day At Home So Important?


As I already mentioned, pampering is great with boosting your self-confidence, but this is not the only reason. Here are some more:

#1. No More Mood Swings

Most of us are exceptional caregivers. We give and we nurture and we care so much, for others! We totally forget to care for ourselves and then after we have run out of energy, we can get pretty grumpy and moody and bitchy. We start to blame others for not taking care of us as much as we take care of them.

Oh, gorgeous, in order to avoid drama and to build great relationships, take care of yourself first. The moment I started doing it, the relationship with my boyfriend improved drastically because I was finally happy! Stop waiting for others to treat you differently and start treating yourself like you are a diamond – because you are!

#2. Gain Clarity

We live in a world that never stops, and all the noise, the stress, the busy schedule affects our mind. We get confused easily, and we get disconnected from our soul. In order to regain clarity and to communicate properly with yourself, you need to pamper yourself. Allowing time to relax, to meditate, to run, to cook, etc will allow you to connect to your inner self and get answers easily.

#3. Have A Sense Of Purpose

Again, when you have time to connect with your inner self, you get to regain your sense of purpose. It is hard to keep your dream alive when you run all day from one place to another. Set some ‘me time‘ each week, and you will have time to think about your goals and ambitions.

#4. Improve Health

Disease happens when there is an imbalance in the body. Most of the time is provoked by the lack of primary food: relationship problems, career stress, lack of physical activity and no spiritual practice. But it does not help either if you do not nourish your body with good food – in the end they are all connected. By allowing time to focus on yourself, you actually get some answers to your struggles (meditation, reading, praying) and you get to heal your body. In matters of reading, the book that healed me twice in this lifetime is You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay. If you know you have some issues with your primary foods or health problems, make sure you get her book. I can speak from experience: it helped me be more compassionate, forgive easily and to heal my body, mind, and spirit.

#5. Stay Positive

When we do not have time to enjoy ourselves, to relax, to feel good about who we are, we respond to life’s struggles a lot different. When you see someone with an exaggerated behavior, that gets angry easily or has anxiety attacks you should know that they are missing the important self-pampering. In these situations, all you can do is send love their way and maybe send them this article – if they are ready to improve their life, they will start pampering themselves.

#6. Enjoy Life

We need the energy to run our life. Energy comes in the form of many things, primary and secondary foods. The moment we lack in one of them, the moment we start to struggle, everything starts to look bad, this is when people start saying ‘all bad things come together‘ and then you find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten to enjoy life. Pamper yourself and you’ll see life with different eyes and things will start shifting your way.

How To Create Your Pamper Day At Home


I know it is easier for wealthier people to pamper themselves because they can just go to the spa for a whole day, or take their private jet and go to some deserted island for the weekend. Just because you are [yet] not so wealthy to afford all this, it does not matter you have to postpone pampering until you are. Get all the benefits of pampering, every week, in your own home. (I suggest pampering on a daily basis with a small act of self-care, but making a weekly habit of a few hours of pampering is like a vacation)

  • ‘ME’ time
  • Time to make yourself beautiful
  • Time to relax
  • Time to do the things you always wanted to do but never had the time
  • A healthy treat
  • Your energy bucket
  • Self love
  • Self care
  • Joy
  • … anything that makes you feel good

In order to help you in your self pampering journey, I will start a monthly challenge, called ‘30 days to self love‘, where you will have to do one self care activity every day and share it with a group of people that are going through the same journey. I’m always amazed of the power of support groups and this challenge really works, because I used it on myself and on my 1:1 coaching clients. If we all got amazing benefits, you will too!

For me, Sunday is my pampering day. This is the day when I get recharged, is the day when I hit ‘pause‘ and enjoy myself more. No Sunday is alike but some things always stay the same, like:

  • Take a long bubble bath

This is how I prep for Sunday.