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There are so many healthy eating rules out there and strict diets that it’s hard to know what to do. It’s almost impossible to lose weight when you are bombarded with so many cheap and yummy food choices everywhere and so many strict rules that tell you “Don’t eat it!“.

I considered myself low on food rules because in the past I was a strong gluten-free vegan and although it did wonders for my body, it was just too hard for my emotional state. So, I started to eat a balanced diet. But this holistic approach to eating became unsupervised in the last year. This made it turn into an “eat my emotions diet” and helped me gain few pounds “overnight”. (in one year!)

So, after faced with the fact, I said “let me try to pay more attention to what I eat” and a few days ago, after I felt so angry at myself for not being able to be GLUTEN FREE 100% I SAID “let me see how many rules I have about food”.

As you can imagine, being a health coach and having all the knowledge about what to eat and when based on my own metabolism, I realized I had dozens of rules, like:

  • gluten free 100%,
  • Sugar-free 100%
  • eat your last meal 4 h before going to sleep (don’t eat anything else after that)
  • etc

You see, the problem is not with the rules, but with the RIGIDITYI only thought that I can lose weight if I am perfect at keeping these rules, 100%, otherwise, nothing will change.

Here is where the problem lies. You do not need to follow the rules 100% in order to see changes. But a perfectionist does not see things this way. Either all in or not at all.

In this video, I share my personal journey with food and rules. If you feel like your relationship with food is not a loving one, you really need to see the video. You are not alone!

Healthy Eating Rules – Personal Story

Healthy Eating Rules – The Solution

So, I guilted myself for the last few weeks, punishing myself every time my body was craving something “bad” until I came to the realization:

  • This body did not happen overnight. It literally took one year to get here. Why am I expecting to lose weight in 2 weeks?
  • What do all these cravings say about me? Am I missing some nutrients, is there any unbalance in my life that I hide away by indulging in food? (this is the part where you really need to be HONEST, the hardest part)
  • What rules can I come up with that will make me WIN every day? That will make me feel good about myself?

Before changing any of your rules, I deeply advise you to have a chat with a health coach, either me or a fellow friend, because it is HIGHLY IMPORTANT to make sure your new rules are in accordance with your emotional state and help you to be really honest with yourself. It’s VERY VERY VERY HARD TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF ALONE, this is why this step is the stepping stone for a more joyful life.

Do you need help to discover all your rules about food (created or adopted) and create new healthy ones, that not only are HEALTHY for your body but are healthy for your emotional state?

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There is no point in trying to be 100% gluten free to solve your infections if your emotional state is to feel guilty every time you craves a bun. It’s like you are in a train that has an engine on each side and it’s trying to move…literally won’t go far in any direction.

Because I KNOW how important this is – trust me – I have been literally fighting with myself in the past month – I am HERE TO HELP. 

If you feel like you need help right now in setting this thing right, I have a great offer for you – it’s a pack of 3 sessions, each 45 min, where we asses the situation, find all the rules and make new ones. I know money might be an issue especially with Christmas coming, so the whole package – worth $450, will only be $150.

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Next week, I will continue the talk about my book and what is so awesome about it! Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to visit the Blog section if you want to know more about health, career, and self-love. And if you need advice and you want to talk to somebody, I offer 10 free sessions per month at roswithaherman.com/health-history, let’s schedule one today 🙂

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