How Can You Make Healthy Eating a Family Affair?

Are you struggling with making your family and your friends indulge in a healthy eating diet? Do you feel like you are the only weirdo that reads every label and talks about vitamins and nutrients and organic?

Gorgeous, you are not alone! Actually, there are many people like you and I was one of them and today I want to share with my suggestions on things you can do to make long-last positive changes for your family. (without them knowing it was you)

As you know, since I want to be able to interact more with you, I decided to face my own fears and start my first video series, called #AskYourCoach. Through this series, I will try my best to answer all of your questions related to health, career, self-love and all sort of struggles you might have.

Bea Guth, from Brussels, asked me:

“How can I make healthy eating a family affair?

Such a great question, Bea, thank you for asking, I am happy to share what I think will help all of you that are in the same situation.

First, I would like to discuss what family means, because of the way I see it, it can be 2 things:

  • family as in your husband/kids
  • or family as in your parents – if you are single, or if your boyfriend eats healthy, but you struggle more with those close to you that you love

Do not worry, for both types of situations I have suggestions, so keep on reading.

#1. So, how can you help your kids love healthy eating? Or maybe your husband?

The answer is pretty simple, start small

  • Play with the groceries

Instead of buying the same old same old products that might be bad, get healthier alternatives. Maybe corn flakes that are non-GMO, or maybe some prepackaged food that does not contain sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

  • Cook healthier alternatives

Instead of potato fries, try some parsnip fries, or zucchini fries.

There is a healthy alternative for every unhealthy craving people might have.

  • Buy/cook raw vegan desserts

The reason why I say raw is that it’s easy to make, no baking time, no GMO flour, no gluten and a lot of healthy fatsWhy vegan? Because I could not find a bad recipe for a vegan dessert, while 99,99% of all deserts are fairly bad because they contain white sugar, white flour, heavy cream and a lot of artificial junk if you buy it.

And because I want to help you get started, in the article below I will share my favorite raw vegan chocolate cake. It’s divine and it’s 100% healthy. 

tort cioco

The raw vegan chocolate cake my client, Andreea made this summer

For the crust you need:

  • 250 gr raw almonds
  • 250 gr pitted dates
  • 100 gr coconut flakes

For the chocolate cream you need:

  • 200 ml filtered water
  • 250 gr raw cashew
  • 150 gr dark cocoa
  • 100 gr raw honey
  • 70 gr coconut oil

For the chocolate icing you need:

  • 6 spoons of dark cocoa
  • 8 spoons of coconut oil
  • 4 spoons of raw honey

This recipe is very simple and easy to make. You mix all the ingredients for the crust and chop them up in your blender until they are rather smooth. You lay the crust in a cake tray. For the cream, you mix all ingredients in the blender until you get the smoothest chocolate ever and then you lay it on the crust. Same thing with the icing. If you want to decorate you can add some fruits on top, like my client Andreea, did.

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How easy is this? If you are a bit of a chocolate addict, you can make only the cream and freeze it and indulge on it every now and then. It’s so much better than regular chocolate!

#2. Now, talking about family, as in your parents

I must admit, changing your parents might be way harder than your kids. Why? Because they already have a few decades of eating and thinking a certain way. So, what can you do?

There is only one thing, focus on you getting healthier and eating as clean as possible. When I first started my journey of cooking healthier and being conscious of the importance of high-quality food, my parents did not get me. But, I did not care, I knew in my heart that I was on the right path and I kept on going. In the meantime, I scheduled to watch the “Fed Up” documentary with my mom, I brought home to my parents house food that I cooked, like veggies with buckwheat – they never tasted buckwheat before. Small things, that after 2 years started to pay up.

Here is a list with my favorite food documentaries:

Now, my father is calling me asking why is hemp seed good for you, cause he would like to buy some (he saw me and Mihai – my boyfriend eat it once), or he called to ask if blackberries are healthy, cause there was an offer at the store and he thought of buying some. He has plenty of vitamins and nutrients, makes a lot of herbal teas and I see him a lot more conscious of everything he is eating. Even bread, which is a big part of their diet is now made at home most of the time, by him.

Have patience and keep on doing the right thing, eventually, they will see how healthy, happy, energic you are and they will take your example. Don’t force your way of eating on anybody, you will just create arguments. Act from a place of compassion and walk your talk.

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Now, I’d love to know.

Would you like to try this vegan chocolate cake recipe? What did you love the most from this article?

Leave a comment below and let me know.