65 Easy Gluten Free Recipes To Experiment With

65 Easy Gluten Free Recipes To Experiment With

Gluten free or not gluten free – this is the question!

  • air pollution increased
  • soil pollution increased
  • our grains are mostly genetically modified organisms
  • we work in stressful environments
  • we have no time for chewing our food
  • the list can go on an on

If order to have a balanced meal plan even if it is gluten free or not, it is important to follow some ground rules and see how you feel after wards. Some of these rules are:

  • Start your day with a cup of warm water and lemon/lime juice
  • Eat fruits only until 1 pm
  • Have a cup of water 30 min before each big meal and 30 min after each big meal
  • Drink tea instead of the second or third coffee
  • Quit eating prepackaged foods
  • Quit drinking sodas and eating processed sweets
  • Have a side green salad with each big meal
  • Eat fermented veggies or fermented drinks – like kefir (opt for a coconut kefir if you are dairy free) at least once a day
  • Chew your food until is liquid
  • Enjoy the company of other people when eating
  • Take Vitamin D supplements
  • Take fish oil supplements (there is not enough omega 3 and 6 in a normal diet)
  • Take probiotics (they will help heal your gut much faster)
  • If you are always hungry, you are probably not drinking enough water or not eating enough protein, a high-carb diet may offer mood swings and leave you hungry after one hour
  • Keep a food journal and notice how you feel after each meal: not just the physical reactions like bloating, acne, red spots, headache, puffiness, etc but also mood swings, anger, sensitivity, energy.
  • Buy good – healthy produce, I advise to start with local, then organic, then whatever you find in the supermarket – but wash it, or throw away the skin (because of pesticides).
  • Experiment with different types of animal protein. I know a lot of people eat only chicken, or only chicken breasts, when you have such a large variety of meats. Try them all, see how you feel. Low fat is not always the healthiest choice. (I will talk about this in a future post)
  • Be vegan once a week. See how you feel. It is so good to detox once a week and eat a vegan diet and cleanse your gut from all the animal protein.
  • Read labels and don’t buy products that have ingredients you don’t know what they mean. Stick to words you understand and keep it simple, 5 ingredients might be more than enough for one single product.

And now, let’s talk about easy gluten free recipes, cause I know you are all very curious about them!

Cooking should be easy, fun and rich in nutrients. You should not spend hours daily to cook meals and I don’t love the idea of cooking a big pot of soup and eating 4 days out of it. So, let’s find new ways of improving our meals.

Beside the mouth-watering pictures, I added the needed ingredients for each of them because this is how I decide if I might cook a dish or not and I thought you might be the same. Enjoy!

Easy Gluten Free Recipes For Breakfast