2016 Year In Review – Best Year Of My Life

How would you act today if you knew this year is the best year of your life? How would you show up in your life? How would you talk or walk? What time would you wake up? What would you do in your free time?

You’ve got to start somewhere and the secret is in starting with the little things, the things you do daily. If they do not take you to having your best year yet, then it’s time to change something.

Based on this teaching, we shaped our 2016 and made it the best year of our lives. Of course, we had hardships, days when we thought we were completely lost, days when we lost thousands of dollars, days when we were in real excruciating pain…but we also had the most amazing days of our lives. All in all, 2016 was the best possible year I could ever dream of having.

This was our second year in business. We exceeded our income goal and we worked less than ever before. We focused most of the year on personal areas and we still made it big in our professional area. We learned to feel more and do less.

If you compare this article with the one I wrote last year: 2015 Year In Review: First Year Doing Business, you will notice how 2015 was a year of struggling and focusing mostly on growing our business, while 2016 was more about relaxing and focusing on personal matters. I believe 2017 is the year of execution, the year when I will put into practice everything that I know.

Let’s see our 2016 Year In Review

January 2016

  • The GOOD
  • Got engaged to the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, my business partner, and my best friend. It was a huge surprise, we were at the Schonbrunn castle in Vienna. And the ring, oh the ring, was the one I had on my vision board for years.

That’s how he proposed. It was the best 1st day of the year!

Look at that ring!

  • Increased our comfort. We realized that it was time to put ourselves first and not our business. We started the year buying an amazing mattress to help us sleep better, that is comfortable, that is good for our health and that would make us feel rich.
  • Took our first loan for the wedding. I was really scared that because of not having money saved to pay for our wedding, I won’t have a dream wedding. So, even if I hated it, I had to get a loan.
  • Asked my parents for a loan to use for personal comfort. This was huge and scary. I don’t like asking for money in the first place, not to mention asking my parents for money. It felt like a failure. But I felt worse knowing that if I don’t do it, my comfort, my health and the way I feel would suffer. I am so happy I did it!

February 2016

  • The GOOD
  • Won a scholarship worth $885. Was really looking forward a new course or mastermind, but I knew it was not a priority – money wise. That did not mean I could not attract it.

You don’t need to have the money to pay for what you want. You need to WANT it and somehow it will show up in your life.

  • Won wedding discounts worth $500. It was Friday evening, we had nothing better to do so we went to a wedding event. They had a candy bar, a cocktail bar, a live concert and a lot of vendors showcased their services. When we got in, one of the vendors that we knew, greeted us and told us about a raffle where we can win prizes. I love to win so I told Mihai (my husband – business coach at mihaiherman.com) “I want to win a prize!”. Said and done. All night I was bragging about how I was going to win. (it might have been the alcohol talking) At one point I thought “OMG, I bragged all night, what if I don’t win? That would be embarrassing.” When they started to call the raffle winners, after 3-4 prizes, they called Mihai. He won a 25% discount for sound/lighting services. (I was not impressed, but it seemed that this was what he wanted and wished for) The next prize was candy bar discount, from our favorite candy store. I said in my mind “Me, me, me, me, choose me!” and they shouted a different name. Bummer! But the person they called was NOT present, so they called a new name. Care to guess which one? MINE. This is how the soon-to-be Herman family won 2 prizes that night. Who would have guessed that from hundreds of participants, both of us would win? Not to mention that there were like only 10 prizes.

If you want something and you believe you can get it, you can speak it into existance.

  • Started interviewing amazing female business owners. I wanted so bad to connect with successful females that do amazing work in the world and the only way I knew how was by interviewing them. It was life changing. Thanks to this project, I made new friends, doubled my prices and learned that no matter how successful or rich somebody is, they are still human. They still have fears and sabotages.

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  • Wedding planning. I was so stressed out to book all the vendors, come up with a wedding theme and fit my dream wedding into my tiny budget. I did not want to compromise, so I had to find a way to have a perfect wedding on a small budget. Everyone told me it was IMPOSSIBLE. But, I knew myself and I knew that with a little bit of magic, positive thinking, smart budgeting and lot of divine intervention, my dream wedding would be possible. And it was.

Never ever make your dreams fit your budget. Always make your budget fit your goals.

  • Not having a place to shoot videos/interviews. Back then we lived in a one bedroom apartment that had ugly and old furniture. I could not find a nice spot to shoot stuff. This was so frustrating for me. I wanted whatever you saw in the background to be pretty. Shooting my interviews in an “embarrassing” venue made me realize that I am not the place. My worth is not connected to where I live. My value is my knowledge, my compassion, my speaking skills, my coaching skills, the love I have for everyone and everything.

Don’t tie your worth to material things. Your worth is what lies inside of you, not outside.

March 2016